Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Crew: Halloween 2013

When it comes to decorating our house for Halloween, we can get super crazy and go all out.  And for lots of years we have.  This year I remembered that we had one of those plug-in Jack-o-lanterns up in the garage loft somewhere and set it on the porch next to our un-carved pumpkins about a half hour after the first group of trick-or-treaters came by.  And I felt good about that.

In other Halloween news, I helped seven of my ten favorite children put together costumes.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Little X started out wearing O's old firefighter outfit but then wouldn't stop putting on this pumpkin get-up from our costume bin. No matter what he wears he's adorable so it really didn't matter much. 

I think the last person who wore this Prince Charming costume was Allen the Younger so it's been around for a long while! (See, Hoarders - it IS worth saving every little thing!)   Little O tripped on the ginormous fake boots while trick-or-treating and skinned up his nose and forehead a little bit but he says it was worth it for the candy. 

My beautiful Princess Curly.  She was almost Amelia Earhart again but then the Rapunzel hat won her over. True to form, she insisted on wearing tennis shoes with the dress because they were more comfortable. Love this girl.

Hubba couldn't decide between being a ninja, a secret agent, Doctor Who or a minecraft guy.  Then he saw that this Jedi costume would fit - complete with boots - and couldn't resist.

Princess really, really wanted to be a trash can for Halloween.  She wanted to be the same thing last year.  I was going to try to make her a trash can costume but the more I looked into it and thought about it I was worried people would think she was being 'white trash' or wonder what kind of self-esteem she had if she wanted to be a trash can.  Luckily she found this pirate costume that Cowgirl wore a couple of years ago and liked it.  She says she is the daughter of the Pirate Princess from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Cool by me.

Cowgirl comes up with something unique for the past couple of years.  This year she wanted to be Margo from Despicable Me.  Most of the costume I was able to find around the house but I had to make the skirt and shoes.  It was really getting down to the wire with the shoes - I refused to buy a $50 pair of red high top Converse for a Halloween costume and I couldn't find any at the thrift stores.  The day before Halloween I checked one last time and found a pair of white Italian leather hightops for $5.  With a little tape and some red spray paint they turned out perfectly.  And she really did look a lot like Margo, don't you think? 

All-a-Boy knew right off the bat that he wanted to be Waldo.  I looked all over for a red and white striped shirt but couldn't find one.  Again, tape and spray paint did the job nicely.  I found the hat online and he made the cane.  I had also ordered him some glasses online but they never arrived (don't always trust Amazon's delivery dates!  They should have come a week before Halloween and they're still not here!)  Luckily one of our neighbors had some of those 3-D glasses with the lenses popped out that they let him borrow.  Thanks for saving the day Kara

Thumbelina had no idea what she was going to be.  She was almost Alice in Wonderland.  Then she was almost the Mad Hatter.  On Halloween eve she decided to be a Christmas tree and put together this costume.  Clever girl, that one.

Elle and her cute roommates all decided to dress up with things they had in their apartment.  Meriah was a ladybug, Amy was a cat and Elle was a... cowboy alien.  She cracks me up!

Allen dressed in his standard attire for the two years of his mission - his white shirt and tie and the tag that proclaims his calling as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I think it's my favorite thing he's worn on Halloween.  I miss him times infinity but I know he's right where he should be right now and he is loving the work.

I can't help but think today of how thankful I am to have all of these awesome people call me Mom.


Gina Smith said...

Halloween posts are not supposed to make one cry, but this one did. Love you. Wish you were my mom.

Petersons said...

I love it! The missionary one is so cool!

Anaise said...

Everybody looks cool! The littler ones must have been tired when they got their pictures taken . . .