Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awesome Teachers

I am very thankful for these four awesome women who teach my elementary school kids this year.  They all seem to have the perfect personalities to fit each of our kids.

I love going to parent/teacher conferences every time.  Not because I get to chase kids around the gym while we're waiting our turn to talk to each teacher but because I love hearing about how awesome my kids are. 

I am grateful that these women chose to be teachers and really put their hearts into what they do every day. These are the people who make school a place that my kids love to go to. I am also grateful to the many teachers at the middle school and high school who make a difference in my kids lives.  My family spends a lot of time in the public school system and we are very blessed to live in an area where we can feel okay about that.

Thank you teachers!


Tami Anderson said...

All four of those teachers are blessed to have one of your children in their classrooms all day. I, for one, am a very lucky woman to have Miss Curly in my "school family". She is an outstanding little girl. I love her so much.

Gerb said...

Curly is so lucky to have you Tami! You make school so fun that she can't wait for the weekend to be over!