Saturday, April 23, 2016

Birthday Waffles With My Birthday Twin

Meet Emily, my birthday twin. She is one of Julia's friends who also happens to be our neighbor who also happens to be awesome. This year on my birthday (March 26th!) Allen was gone on a winter campout (we call it the Alpine Challenge because they build and sleep in snow caves and race in teams to complete various scouty challenges) with All-a-Boy and Hubba so I decided birthday waffles were in order.

Emily texted me that morning to wish me a happy birthday and I invited her to join us so I could buy her a birthday waffle, too. But guess what?! When we were ordering our waffles I convinced the guy that the nutella waffles were the special of the day (because it said so on their website) and he finally agreed to give me the deal and I told him, "Thank you! If it makes it any better, it's my birthday and you just made my day!" The he says, "I'm going to make your day even better. Because we don't advertise it, but you get ANY waffle you want on your birthday for FREE." YOU GUYS. Waffles are FREE on your birthday at Waffle Love. Look how surprised and excited we are about this news!  

Here's the rest of the crew, enjoying their waffles. Best birthday breakfast, ever.

I love his freckles.

 I'm pretty sure you can take a bigger bite than that, Elle.

Challenge accepted.


Look, I'm a monster.

Now I'm a moose!

Now I'm a super happy moose!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Where's Mom?

You have no idea how many days I wish I owned this shirt and would wear it as a signal that it was a bad day for me in hopes of garnering some sympathy. Like those days when the kids hate me (I mean, those exact words have been used in our home: "I hate you, Mom!") or dinner is pancakes or when the eye rolls are happening so often I'm getting dizzy. The days when the homework is never-ending and I am trying to be encouraging and helpful but just become frustrated at how easily distracted my kids get when they really need to be focused on something. And so many tough things happen that I can't really write about because as my kids get older it's not really my privilege to tell their stories, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I was having one of those days on Monday. Allen happened to be home filling out our taxes (bless him) and I was down in the basement folding laundry as the 3 older kids got home from school. And I heard them all say the same thing as they walked in: "Hi Dad! Where's Mom?" Then, one by one, they came down to say hello and tell me about their day and ask me questions and whatnot. And somehow, that was such a beautiful thing to me. I love that they want me to be there when they get home, even if it means I'm going to nag them about their homework. 

Some days, I wish I owned THIS shirt, so I could wear it as a way of proudly proclaiming how much I love being a mother.  

(I need to give finders credit to Elle for sharing these shirts with me on Pinterest. I love them. And her.)

Friday, April 15, 2016

For Chip

Hey, friends.

Sorry I've been so neglectful over here on my little spot in the blogospere. Having older children that move out of the house, get married, go on missions for our church, none of that makes life easier. Just different. And having almost all of my children in school somehow doesn't free up a lot of time for me, either. It just gives me more time to run errands without 'assistants'. Once all the kids are home from school it's all about homework and snacks and meal preparations and getting people to lessons and scouts and whatnot. So, we're all busy, right? I'm sure you understand.

All that being said, THIS is something I wanted to take the time to post about.

You've probably all heard me talk about my brother, Chip and how awesome and amazing and kind and selfless and fun he is. If you haven't, all of the above is true. To make a long story way too short, I put together a fundraiser for him and his family. There are more details on the fundraiser page, found here:

My hope is that this fundraiser will provide some needed relief for Chip as he tends to his son Jaiden's full-time care and therapy while the two of them are living in Florida over the next few months. If you don't know his story, Jaiden endured some terrible abuse as an infant. He was removed from his home and Chip and his wife Becky fostered and then adopted Jaiden, starting at 10 months old. As a result of some of the abuse the growth plates in Jaiden's left femur stopped functioning. He is having his final leg-lengthening surgery and procedures in Florida to compensate for the lack of growth. (If you go to the link, I explain it better there.) 


If you can help at all, you are awesome! And thank you ever so much. If all you can give are your prayers and love, you are awesome! And thank you ever so much. Also, if you know anyone you can share this with, please pass it along.

Thanks for reading this whole post. If you have any questions about any of it, ask away!