Friday, November 8, 2013


Thursday night was spent doing something I always enjoy - taking in some local musical theater.  However, this time it was different because my friend Jenny was in the cast.

When she first came on stage I had to stop myself from crying.  And when I saw her owning the dance numbers (something I am awesome at in my head but my body can just NOT figure out how to do what I want it to) I had to hold back the tears again.  These were high energy dance numbers.  Why was I crying?!?!

I was not thinking I would cry before I went.  It never even crossed my mind.  But there was something about seeing her there on stage, having a dream to perform on stage again after 18 years and LIVING it, knowing she nailed her first audition... I don't know.  It just got to me.

If you want to read her inspiring story, click HERE.  And if you live near me and haven't seen In the Heights yet, you should.  The energy on stage is awesome and even Allen, who lived in the Dominican Republic for a couple of years, says they capture the feeling of living in the barrio perfectly.

I am thankful for friends who inspire me by living their dreams, for letting me see that anything is possible with hard work and determination.  And I hope Jenny doesn't mind me kind of living vicariously through her talent in performing.

Someday I would love to be on stage again.  However, I accepted a long time ago that I could never be cast as a main character in a musical because of my great lack of ability in the dancing department.  I've decided that once all of my kids have left the nest I could maybe audition for the part of a nun in my favorite musical of all time, Newsies, or as one of the crazy old ladies in the play Arsenic and Old Lace.

I'll get back to you when that happens.

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Maleen said...

So fun. I went to see it too and LOVED it. I love Jenny. And I too have a secret dream to perform on stage again. I would happily be the other crazy lady with you. :)