Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Scariest Night of the Year!

No, I'm not talking about tonight. Although the results of today's election could be scary, indeed! But I'm not here to talk politics. I'm here to give you a full tour of our haunted house this year.

All of these amazing pictures were taken by the talented Jason of Backroads Photography. Thanks, Jason! To put it simply, you are awesome.

First, the view of the front yard. You better click on that one to really see all the details. Go ahead, click!
Here's a close-up in the cemetery. Spoooooky!
This was my witches' table just inside the front door where I greeted the trick-or-treaters.
Here's one of our new additions - a sign declaring the name of our Halloween abode. (Yes, Allen creates these in his head and builds them in our garage. He's got skills.)
Another new addition this year: the corn field.
The cemetery from another angle...Another shot of the house... I couldn't decide which one I liked best. (Just humor me. Thanks.)We had over 500 trick-or-treaters. It was crazy fun and the weather was perfect. The majority of the decorations came down last night, so Halloween season is officially over. (By the way, radio people, we still have Thanksgiving coming. Can you stop playing CHRISTMAS music already?!)


Ti Ti said...

i wish we still lived there!
if it hadnt been for one of lauren's friends, we would be stuck going through our few, wimpy houses. instead, we got to go to twice that many wimpy houses. people arent too big on halloween here. hmmmmmmm. oh well, hope we see you guys soon!
-katelyn larson
ps, well, if the radio people dont play christmas music yet, they apparently have to play summer music, halloween music, or music-i-hear-every-morning-and-have-stuck-in-my-head-24/7 music. frankly, im not happy with any at the moment.

pam said...

Holy moly macaroni! That's absolutely fantastic. I particularly like the "box of rocks"!!

This is the first Halloween when J. really caught on--even with the candy rationing, we're feeling the effects. Yowza! ;o)

Rebecca said...

Next year plan on five hundred and SEVEN visitors. :)

annette said...

Soooooooooooo AMAZING!!! As one of the 500 visitors, I was there forever with the kids just looking at it all. LOVE IT!

Holmes said...

Amazing! I am going to have to remind myself to get over there next year and check it out. And I'm so glad to see Allen spelled "cemetery" correctly. I so often see it spelled "cemetary" and it bugs me! I'm with you on the whole Christmas music thing. Thanksgiving seems to get skipped over and Christmas music and store decor/merchandise appear earlier and earlier every year.

DaNae said...

Aww, I'm sad we missed it!! It looks awesome, and I am amazed at Allen's sweet skills. Talk about creativity!

And I do find it hilarious that you posted about the scariest night of the year last night. Ah, the irony. If only I could laugh about it... not quite there yet.

Sarah said...

THAT WAS YOUR HOUSE?!?!? That was the coolest thing I've ever seen! We just have a few spider webs and some pumpkins out front! That is awesome. Oh, and I like the first shot of the house, perfect angle, lots of details to look at, and the color is great. The little winged girl is cute in the second picture though.

Hey, BTW....why won't you read the twilight books? The curiosity is KIlllING me!

Hee hee...my word verification is chumst. Like chum street? Cute...

Panama Jones said...

Thanks for sharing your home and the photos! It makes Halloween that much more fun knowing that the Blacks have something cool going on. And Number Four loved his Trick (Ramen).

Gina said...

You are out of control. What more can I say? Love it!

Shellie said...

Awesome, awesome shots!