Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stop Growing Up Already!

It has happened.  The day I have dreaded for a long time.  Little X has figured out how to get around the child-proof doorknob thingies.

Here he is, caught in the act!

Here he is again, mocking my loss of control over the pantry, bathrooms and toy closet.

My kids are all growing up so fast.  Even this littlest munchkin who it seems crazy to call The Baby anymore. There is good in this, though - and that's where having a large family becomes a huge blessing.

When I look at All-a-Boy sleeping in church or hear of Hubba's inability to keep answers to himself at school I can look at what an awesome young man Allen the Younger has become despite having done these same things when he was younger.  

When I see how overly emotional and sensitive to every little thing I do or say some of my younger girls are or worry that I am never doing anything right as a parent I can look to how Elle turned out and see that, despite all of my faults and weaknesses as a mother and person, she turned out beautifully.

I have learned to appreciate the hard times because they seem to be what makes our kids into amazing adults.  I don't always remember to appreciate the difficulties but I am thankful to have both perspectives to help me remember that I'm doing okay.

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Blogful said...

Write more about this!! I need it. Badly. My kids are so young and I have no idea how they will turn out. I stress and worry about it all the time. The more I have, the more I second guess myself. Your insight is such an answer to prayer...