Saturday, November 16, 2013

Visiting the Fire Station

One of Hubba's last requirements to earn his Wolf badge in cub scouts was to visit a fire station so I called and set up a time for that to happen.  I had Hubba call around and ask the other boys in his Wolf Den if they wanted to join us and then let Little O tag along because I knew he would love it.

Some people use these as hose attachments but to Little O this was obviously a telescope to find the fires.

Hubba was completely fascinated by this panel of gauges and sensors.  The fireman was so kind to answer every single question about "What does that one do?" and "What do the colors mean?" and "Why is this here?"

They let the boys climb up into every part of the truck.  They loved seeing all of the places to sit, where different equipment is stored and how to turn on the siren.

When they had a tour of the actual station they kept asking questions that the fireman giving the tour had never heard before.  Things like, "Where does that door go to?" and "How do you get to that window up there?"  Because they asked questions and were behaving so well they got to go see a part of the station that they don't usually take people to.  It was a room on the second floor where there was a ping pong table and a window overlooking the garage where the trucks were stored.  It might as well have been some treasure room for how excited they were to see it!

This was a fun little field trip with a fun group of boys.

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