Monday, November 18, 2013

New York

Ain't it pretty?  It's my city.

I got to go to New York again in October.  I can't believe it either.  Our awesome friends Robert and Trish suggested we make the trip all together and somehow it happened.  We tried to do things that we didn't do last time, like take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry out past Lady Liberty.  At night.  I would totally recommend this to everyone. The view was breathtaking and the ride over was relaxing.

This view was pretty awesome, too...

Whoopsie!  I meant for everyone to see THIS view from the top of the Rockefeller Center:

We saw this when we were wandering around the city at night.  I kind of wished I saw it in the daytime when I could have peeked inside and maybe even met Alex and his accordions.  

We were looking for the Manhattan LDS Temple and I couldn't find it even though I knew we were in the vicinity.  I asked Trish if she could see it and she pointed up at this:
I'm not sure why but I thought this was even better than seeing the actual temple.  There was just something cool about seeing Moroni hanging out behind this building.  We got to attend church in the same building as the temple (along with every other member of the LDS church who was visiting New York City that weekend.  I bet they get a lot of visitors!).

I don't even remember what this was called.  The tour guide said it was like the Big Ben of New York City.

This was a beautiful cathedral that we were able to step inside of for a few minutes.  The stained glass windows were some of the most exquisite I've ever seen but all of my pictures of them turned out blurry so this is all you get, one of the intricate archways in the front.

I don't think it is any secret that my favorite part of the trip was seeing Newsies again!  Trish and I also saw Wicked (my 4th time, it was still fantastic and still made me cry).  Both were amazing.  I could go to Broadway shows every night of my life and be totally fine with that.

We got tickets to the World Trade Center Memorial and I couldn't take any pictures to do this place justice. People were talking and laughing and that felt weird to me somehow.  I wanted it to be silent - so I like that my pictures don't make noise.

We rode through Central Park in a carriage at night.  This was probably one of the best things we did.

Not necessarily because the views were amazing (remember, it was night?) but because we got to chat with our carriage driver, Errol and hear his story.  He's from Turkey, here in the US studying computer science and one of the kindest people we met on our trip.
Me, Errol and Barney

On our last trip here we only went to a teensy corner of Central Park so this time I really wanted to spend some time there.  This never happened except for our carriage ride (at night, remember?) therefore I need to return to New York yet again simply to explore Central Park in the day time (and see more Broadway shows).

There are a lot of people who like to dress up and have people pay them to take a picture with them.  Most of them scared me.  I have never seen so many Elmos, Cookie Monsters, Hello Kittys and Minnie Mouses in my life.  But this guy was pretty cool.

Because I am me I had to giggle every time we saw this sign on the bus tour:

Or this one in Greenwich Village:
Do they think the dogs can read?  And if they could, would they honor this request?  I think not.

One of the best things we did differently this time around was to stay in an apartment we found at homeaway dot com.  We found a two bedroom place near the theater district with a full kitchen and free wifi and paid less than we did for a hotel room with no wiggle room on our last trip.  I would totally recommend this - we got to experience more of the city and easily found restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance.

I didn't worry so much about taking pictures so what you see above is pretty much the best of what I captured on camera.

I don't know how to explain it but there is something about New York that just draws me in.  I doubt it will be anytime soon but I'm excited to make another trip there some time in the future.    

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Anaise said...

What a fun trip!

I'm so curious about the play Wicked, though. I found the book at the library and thought I'd read it--the play is simply out of my reach. The book was so immoral and so . . . well . . . wicked . . . that I stopped reading after 30 or so pages because I felt dirty. How on earth is the play clean and fun and as engaging as everyone who has ever seen it says?