Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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I went for a little walk around my neighborhood today to enjoy the last moments of beautiful weather and autumn colors before the inevitable winter shows its chilly face.  I was struck by the beauty of everything when dressed in the splendor of fall.  As I continued walking I began to look beyond the trees and mountains and perfectly clear blue sky and I started to think about the people who lived in each of the homes I passed, not just now but in the past as well.  I recalled stories and memories of their goodness.

She brought us cereal and put take-and-bake pizzas and milk in our fridge when we were coming home from a long vacation and had no groceries.

He convinced us to seed our side yard and that's the most thick, green carpet of grass on our property.

They made sure our kids were fed two days after Christmas when I broke my leg and had a baby.

He brought industrial-sized fans to help dry our basement when it flooded.

She always brings us cookies when she's home for a visit.

They are always willing to lend me the inevitable missing ingredients from an almost-finished recipe at dinner time.

He taught me a valuable lesson in unconditional love.

They got Allen started with his first real job which has continued to be one of our greatest blessings.

She shares her homemade jam with me every year.

She always seems to know when I need a friendly word or a smile.

She has rocked at least seven of my babies to sleep at church when I'm trying to manage other things.

The list is endless, really.  It made me emotional to think about how much I love where I live - and not only for the beauty that is visible but more especially for the beauty that I know exists in so many of the awesome people that surround us and, perhaps unknowingly, have become an extension of our family.

I am so thankful for my neighbors.

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