Monday, November 25, 2013

Chivalry Is Not Dead

When I drop my Little O off at school each day he always love to race to the kindergarten door then turn and wave or flash me an 'I love you' sign before disappearing inside.  I have noticed something else, though. When another boy arrives at the same time as he does it is always a race to see who can get inside the door first.  But when a girl is there?  He runs to get to the door first but then always holds it open for her.

Last Friday as Little O jumped out of the car and started to run to the door he looked and saw two girls being walked to school by someone's dad.  He waved to me and then ran to the door.  He then held it open and waited for probably a full minute until those two girls had gotten inside.  He gave me my wave and started to go inside when he noticed another girl coming so he opened the door and held it again and waited until she was in the classroom before he followed behind.  Neither Allen or I remember teaching him this.

What a proper little gentleman.


KS Photography said...

sweet, sweet boy.

Anaise said...

He must SEE what his dad and big brothers do. He's learning by watching the best.