Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Newest Addition

In order to get his Family Life merit badge All-a-Boy was required to do a project that would benefit his family.  This little front yard project was something Allen has had in mind for quite a while so we got All-a-Boy working hard over Thanksgiving break to complete it.  He cut sod, dug deep enough to fill the space with gravel and sand and then laid the tiles (all with some help from his dad).

And now we have a little walkway to our side yard, along with a spot for the trash can to call home.

I love seeing what my kids can accomplish when they're willing to work hard. 


Sandy Weber said...

Dang! We just cleaned the garage as a family project. I should have had my boys do something like this! (OK, I did appreciate the garage being clean though.)

Sandy Weber said...

^aka momnotmum

Anaise said...

That's great! It looks really good!