Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun at Trafalga

Last year for Christmas we got everyone in the family a pass which allows us to visit a waterpark in the summer and a variety of other venues all year round, including Trafalga. You pay a one-time fee and everything is 'free' for a year with the pass. To be honest, it has not been a lot of fun to take Little X.  Mostly because he doesn't want to stay in the stroller and he's difficult to keep track of.  However, when we went last month it was totally different!  He didn't even have to stay in the stroller because he walked right next to me and loved riding on the rides with the bigger kids and climbing all over in the kiddie play land. 

The older kids (meaning: everyone older than X) all love playing laser tag and kept going back because there was almost no wait (which is rare).  So X and I had to find something to occupy our time.  After about 20 minutes in the play place he was ready to leave so I decided to let him try mini bowling.  He was instantly hooked!  

I think my favorite part was the little victory dance when he would knock pins over.  He didn't understand that he needed to roll the ball and not throw it.  He also didn't want to wait for the game to re-set the pins between each turn so he just threw a ball whenever he wanted to.  He was in heaven.

We will definitely be back to Trafalga for some more bowling.

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Anaise said...

That's a great dance. :)