Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Magical Smart Car

One morning when it was just starting to get chilly Hubba noticed a red car on our street whose windows were frosted over.  Since he was ready for school early on that day he decided to do a little service.  He walked over to the car and started to clear the frost off of the red car's windows but as soon as he touched the car it honked at him.  Not the incessant kind of honking that means you've triggered a car alarm but a quick, friendly honk.

Hubba looked around, wondering if anyone else was seeing this.  He waved at the car.  HONK.  He touched the window.  HONK HONK.  He couldn't believe it.  This car was smart!  It was like magic!

I didn't know about the car until a few weeks later when someone at church told me about it.  So I asked Hubba.  He told me that the car was his friend.  It liked him, so it would honk when he did something funny or even when he just ran past.  "It's like a magical smart car," he told me.

Since then I've researched Magical Smart Cars and discovered various dances and cheers and chants that these cars really like.  I taught them to Hubba and when he performs them for the car he is rewarded with a string of happy honking.

All of the other kids in the family have befriended the car as well but everyone says it seems to like Hubba the best.  This is one of those friendships that was just meant to be.


Linn said...

Cutest ever! His thumbs up after the first time was the best.

Anaise said...

My kids have lined up to watch! How fascinating!