Monday, July 30, 2012

Three and a Half Weeks

Our happy missionary son.

Shopping, shopping, shopping.
Farewell talk.
Open house.
Write letters.
Send packages.
Check email all day, every day for 6 days.
Finally: P-day.
16th birthday.
Youth Conference.
Surprise un-birthday tea party with cousins.

Family reunion #1.
Family in town.
The Original Family on Allen's side - every sibling came!
Court of Honor.
Dissertation. (He passed! GO JOHN!)
Wedding reception.
Work party.
Family reunion #2.

Talk about a whole range of emotions all compacted into a relatively short period of time.  I'm still on a roller coaster, and it's not over yet.  Once things feel a little more normal again, I'll be around blogland a bit more.

If anyone is interested in reading the letters that Allen the Younger sends home from his mission, I have a blog for that.  Every Tuesday is his P-day (Preparation Day, the one day he has each week to get prepared for the rest of the week.)  This means he does laundry, writes letters, and I'm not sure what else, so new letters are posted weekly - as well as pictures when he sends them.

What have YOU been up to?

Enjoy what's left of your summer!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

We got a new tent.  It's huge.  We could probably live in it if we had to.

Anyone who goes to church on Sunday with children under the age of 5 knows exactly how much fun it would be to herd cats for a living or to control a herd of small goats in a grocery store.  If that doesn't make sense to you, be grateful.

I am not ready for school to start.  However, since it is inevitable, I would like to point out that it would be most helpful to get a list of what is needed in each classroom now when everyone is having Back To School sales on supplies rather than the first week of school when everything is full-priced again.

Just because something is on sale doesn't mean I need it.  But it's highly likely that I'll still buy it if it's a screaming deal, like crayons for a penny a box.

Seriously, who doesn't love crayons?

One day I would like to put a whole pallet full of crayons in my trunk and just pass them out to people who could use a little ray of happiness in their lives - which is everyone.  Opening a new box of crayons and seeing all of those happy colors staring back at me is an awesome feeling.

Another thing I love is rainstorms.  Especially in the middle of the summer.  Especially when half the world is on fire and it clears the air of the lingering smoke.  I wish I could find a perfume called "After the Rain".  I would wear it all the time, maybe even bathe in it.

They should stop playing that We Are Young song on the radio, because people are taking the chorus a little too seriously, I think. (Listen at 1:01.  It's catchy.  But stop doing it, people.)

Facebook is good and bad, I think.  It's good for staying in touch with people and seeing what they're up to.  But it also makes me aware of the bad things going on in people's lives, which I always want to make better.  But I can't always make things better.  In fact, I almost always can't.  But that doesn't stop me from wanting to.

I have been sewing again.  Just a little, little bit, but it makes me happy.  Especially when I can think of someone else to make something for.  I think maybe I should sew more things, more often.

The last month has sort of had me in a fog.  I was stuck in this funk (for lack of a better word) and just felt so up-and-down-and-back-again.  Maybe it's a mild sort of depression, I don't know.  But I've found that, for me, the best way to kick the feeling is to do something nice for someone else.  Like sewing them something.  Or baking them cookies.  Probably exercise would help, too, but I just can't find the motivation for that.

I had someone say to me a month ago, "Aren't you a marathon runner?" and I realized then that it would be okay if 'Run A Marathon' was something I never did.

I loved that someone thought I was a marathon runner, even though I haven't run anywhere in a very long time.

I think I need an exercise buddy.  Or maybe I just need to sew more.  And sing more, too.

I really miss my week at camp this summer.  I had some great experiences there with some great girls and great leaders.  I kind of wish we had another week of camp before school started.  But I kind of don't, too.

But really, I loved camp.  So much.  I love the trees and the trails and the mountains and the wildflowers.  I love the lessons learned and the relationships that grew there.  I love the fresh air and even the dirt on my shoes.  I love the way it felt there at my home in the mountains and I wish we went more than once a year.

When I see the girls from our neighborhood at church, the ones who went to camp with me, I want to hug them and remind them what awesome people they are.  But I don't want them to look at me funny.  Still, sometimes I hug them anyway.  Because I don't think anyone can hear enough about their good qualities. 

I need to do this with my kids, too.  Tell them all of the things that I love about them.  All of their quirks and craziness and funnies and talents.  I need to look each one in the eye and tell them about all of the things I love and admire about them.  Even if they roll their eyes at me or call me a creeper.

I am always making lists.  Mental checklists, and I never get to the end of them.  I am not sure if this is good or bad.  Once something is checked off of my list, something else immediately comes to the forefront of my mind as The Thing At The Top Of My List and I can hardly concentrate on anything else until that thing is done.  Does everyone do this?  Make mental checklists?

Does everyone think everyone else should know sign language?  Like dentists, especially? 

The last time I went to the dentist Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was playing overhead and the dentist and his assistant were having a conversation about who sang the song.  One guessed it was The Beach Boys.  The other guessed it was The Bee Gees.  I had one of those hold-your-mouth-open things in my mouth and couldn't respond, but my expression made it obvious I was in shock that they couldn't name the artist, and the dentist laughed.  The second that thing came out I told them it was Wham! and neither of them had heard of the group.  George Michael?  Still no dice. 

Does everyone else think they're old?

I probably listened to my cassette single of Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go at least 20 times a day for a month when it came out.  It was such a happy, dance-around-your-room kind of song that I couldn't resist it.

I also requested Dancing With Myself at almost every church dance I attended and then I would proceed to, well... dance with myself.  All over the dance floor, twirling and bouncing, arms flailing.  And then I wondered why no one asked me to dance during the other songs.  But man, did that song make me happy.

This is why I am pretty sure that dance-walking is the right exercise for me.  It's pretty much what I already do at home, which could be called dance-homemakering, only in public.  It's actually on my mental checklist of things to do.  It's right before 'Be In A Flashmob', which may never happen because of my lack of ability when it comes to choreographed dancing.  But just busting out moves sporadically?  That I can do.

But I still want to be in a flashmob someday.

And pass out loads of crayons.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Quips

From the mouths of my kids...

You know what I like to say to peoples? "Hi, I'm Little O.  And I'm not naked!"

Curly: Everything is on fire.  What if we were on fire?
Hubba: We won't ever be on fire.  *sigh*  Our life is too boring.

Hubba: Mom, if you catched fire you know what to do, right?  Stop, plop and roll like crazy.
Curly: Remember that, Mom.  I'm SO serious.  It could save your life.

Allen the Younger: What's up with this weird bedpan-space-rocket stencil?
Me: Try turning it around.
Allen t.Y.: Oh. It's a paw print. The star threw me off.

Hubba: I think I just burped in my body.
Me: What does that mean?
Hubba: I heard a noise inside my body.  I think it was an inside burp.

Princess left this note on the table for Curly (who can't read yet):
(The reason this one is so funny is that Princess is about the most sensitive kid in the family. The added note at the bottom was from ElemenoB.)

Little O: Mom! I sawed such a pretty girl today!
Me: Oh, yeah?
Little O: Yes!  Oh, she was SO bu-a-ful!
Me: Really?
Little O: Yes!  And know what? It was YOU, Mom!