Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Buddies

Little O: This is my sock.  I didn't want it any more.  So I just made this holder necklace. 

These are my last two kids who are not in school all day.  They are my best buddies right now.  I love the conversations we have and the observations they make.  I love how Little X will follow O around and do everything he does and even repeat every word he says. (It's pretty hilarious.)  I love this picture of these two darling boys because it captures their personalities and their relationship well.  I love how X is looking at O admiringly and how proud O is of his creation.

I am so thankful for these two cute boys who keep me company (and on my toes!) when everyone else is gone all day long.


Blogful said...

I have two little buddies of my own also and it is so fun! I will be sad when they are old enough for school. Little boys are hilarious.

You know, Gerb. (Actually, I've never met you, but lets pretend we are fast friends.) My Grandma had four children and her children each had 5 to 9 kids and in the past three months she has had 6 great-grandchildren born with no end in sight. I look up there at your awesome family photo and I think to myself, "You know Gerb..." you might want to get started on planning some grandkid and great grandkid stuff/gifts/baby stuff to save, because pretty soon your posterity will be like the sands of the sea with no end in sight. Think how awesome that will be!!

Anaise said...

They ARE awfully cute little buddies!