Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Weeks, Three Birthdays

Every one of our kids has their own birthday month.  We're not sure how that worked out so perfectly but it's pretty awesome to have celebrations spread throughout the year. There is a three week period of time at the tail end of October and early November when we have a birthday every week spaced exactly a week apart.

In honor of these three recent birthdays and the years they've graced this planet, here are 9 words that describe Hubba, 19 words that describe Elle and 44 words that describe Allen.

Friendly, happy, kind, smart, inquisitive, dancer (The Robot is his specialty), 
singer (Owl City's biggest fan!), hungry, outgoing. 

Independent, loyal, brilliant, gorgeous (inside and out), dedicated, happy, baker, amusing, fun, talented, athletic, surprising, kind, thoughtful, adventurous, creative, crafty, missionary, friend.    

Articulate, hard-working, handsome, artistic, sentimental, generous, reliable, handyman, playful, writer, resourceful, clever, rugged, efficient, productive, loving, disciple, inventive, respectful, service-minded, outdoorsman, teacher, down-to-earth, thrifty, woodworker, scoutmaster, adventurous, silly, multi-tasker, inspiring, inspired, genuine, neighborly, mentor, visionary, kind, committed, unselfish, example, husband, father, son, brother, friend.

A late happy birthday to three of my favorite people!  

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