Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mummy Boy

Hubba is a cub scout and he loves every minute of it.  Last month's pack meeting ended with a mummy-wrap game that he wanted to play over and over again.  I guess there was just something cool about being wrapped in toilet paper and then breaking yourself out of it.  I was visiting with another mom across the gym and someone had to come tell me that Hubba had been trying to get my attention so I could take a picture of him - but he couldn't move or the toilet paper would break.    

I love this crazy kid.

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Anaise said...

That's cool.

When my oldest kids were all little, and I was tired but they weren't we'd play traffic accident. I'd give the kids a roll or two of toilet paper, lie on the couch and close my eyes--being the victim. The kids would bandage me with the TP. Win-win!