Friday, November 29, 2013

The Fire Ring

Allen has been doing a lot of work in the back yard lately and it's coming together really nicely.  One thing we decided to put back there is a fire ring.  It was a one-day project and probably something the kids have been the most excited about.

One afternoon we noticed it was super quiet, like the kind of quiet that means Little X is likely up to some monkey business.  I went to see if he was getting into his big brothers' legos (a favorite thing to do when they are at school) and Allen called me back upstairs to look out the back window.

Little X had found himself a sandbox to play with his cars in.  He made roads, pulled the grate over the pit and lay over it, squished his toes in the sand - he was having a grand time out there in this new sandbox.  We watched him for a good 15 minutes before he realized we were there in the window.

The lava rocks went in over the sand this morning and we'll have a marshmallow roast sometime before the snow falls. I think Little X is going to be pretty disappointed when he realizes what this is really meant for.

The good news is that there is still plenty of dirt in the back yard for little boys and their trucks to play in.


Anaise said...

So cute. Kind of makes you wish you could leave it a sandbox a little longer, doesn't it?

Petersons said...

We've had snow for weeks! How nice you can enjoy autumn for longer than I can!