Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Random Thoughts

That cute Sister Julia Black on the far left makes me smile every time.

So. I guess I decided that NaBloWriMo is not so much for me. But hey, look at those first 5 days of November! When I can't think of anything to write about and it's 10:30 at night and I need some serious sleep - bed wins. I've written a lot of posts in my head and have some great topic ideas, but finding the time to write has not been happening.

For the last two mornings that I have made oatmeal for breakfast I have bribed my kids to eat it without complaining by offering a small bag of M&Ms to those who can finish within 7 minutes. It worked and I have no regrets.

My kids bring home reading calendars from school every month. There is NO WAY I would (or ever have) remember to mark how many minutes they read each day. I used to fill in the entire calendar when it was due, using different colors of pen to make it look like I've been marking it every day. Now I just throw the calendars away and write a note with an estimate of how much they've read.

When my kids bring home their Halloween candy it is a known fact that they are to dump the candy on the table to allow me to remove what I call The Undesirables (mostly the stuff that sticks to your teeth) so I can then pass those out to the kids who are still coming. It has always been this way and nobody in our family knows any different. There is also a thing called Parent Tax, and it is paid in Reese's.

It has been a long time since I have sung in public. However, here at home it is a regular occurrence. In the last month my 14-year-old daughter, Cowgirl, has said to me, "You could be on The Voice and win" and "I bet if you posted videos on YouTube you would get tons of views". I think those are the two nicest compliments I have ever heard regarding my singing.

I have also not been working as an ASL interpreter on a consistent basis in years. However, with Little X going in to kindergarten next year I have considered going back to it part-time. Not necessarily because I need to, but because I miss being a part of the Deaf community. It's something that will always be such an immense part of who I am, a place where I feel the most understood, that I am drawn to it. I've been putting myself out there, applying a couple of places, and it's awesome to see what I'm worth. A confidence-booster, really. It's been nice.