Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Magic Plate

I was able to snap a picture before the last cookie remnant disappeared.

Some time in the last few years a friend of mine gave us this plate along with some other items as a Christmas gift.  We love the look of it but didn't realize it was no ordinary plate - this plate is magic!

Since it doesn't match any of our other plates we usually use it when we want to give cookies or some other treats to a friend or neighbor and we don't have something disposable to put them on.  Here's where the magic comes in.  Every time we have given the plate to someone we have not expected it to come back.  But it always does!  And that's not even the magical part!  This plate always comes back with something on it. Cookies, brownies, rolls, homemade caramels or chocolates... I'd even venture to say that often what we get in return is even better than what we gave.

Now that's magic!

*disclaimer* To all of our local friends and family: If this plate comes into your possession you should in no way feel obligated to return it laden with fantastical treats.  (But we wouldn't complain.)

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Anaise said...

I like that kind of magic!