Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Head To Head

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two boys happened to run headfirst into each other at school during inside recess?  Probably something like this:

The secretaries told me that the swelling had gone down considerably in the time that he waited for me to arrive at the school to pick him up thanks to an ice pack.  When I asked him if the other boy was okay he told me frustratingly, "He didn't even cry!  But I sure did!"

When we walked into his classroom to pick up his backpack and coat so I could take him home he gave a hearty fake cough to call attention to himself, put on his saddest face and then pulled away the ice pack slowly for dramatic effect to reveal his goose egg.  It totally worked - he was rewarded with resounding "ooooooh!"s and "owwwww!"s from his classmates.

By the end of the day it was just a nasty looking bruise and Hubba was happy for the time spent at home watching movies and showing off his injury to his siblings.

1 comment:

Anaise said...

That's quite the bump.

Funny thing, my Heidi got a concussion yesterday, but there's not a mark on her!