Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vividly Dreaming

I had a very vivid dream last night - one I could recall completely this morning.

I dreamed that ElemenoB, Thumbelina and I were going to visit my mom. When we arrived at her house she peeked cautiously out the door before throwing it open wide and welcoming us with a declaration of "Happy Birthday ElemenoB and Thumbelina!" However, their birthdays were still quite a ways off. She appeared to have gone a bit mad.

Her small apartment was decorated with balloons, streamers and ribbons galore. When she noticed the confused looks on the girls' faces she sadly asked, "Did grandma do something wrong?"

"Just go along with it, guys," I cautioned under my breath. "You don't want to hurt her feelings."

"No, no, grandma - everything is fine!" ElemenoB declared, a bit too happily patronizing.

"Yeah, this is great - you are so sweet!" Thumbelina added.

My mom then got out a small cake which was festooned with 15 candles. We watched as she lit the candles one by one with a super-sized matchstick and began to sing Happy Birthday. The girls blew the candles out in unison.

"Now let's eat!" Mom instructed as she cut the cake and passed us each a plate.

We ate and visited for a bit before a grand announcement was made. "I have presents for both of you!" Mom proclaimed excitedly as she handed brightly wrapped gifts to both ElemenoB and Thumbelina.

They tore off the wrapping and found Christmas boxes exposed beneath the colorful exterior. "Grandma is going crazy!" my mom said. "I can't believe I used Christmas boxes for birthday presents!"

"It's okay, grandma, we do stuff like that all the time," ElemenoB assured her.

And then they opened the boxes and found that they were empty. My mom was going crazy.

Upon further investigation they discovered envelopes taped onto the underside of the box lids.

Inside the envelopes were tickets to Wicked! Screaming, happiness and nearly-passing-out ensued.
I found a ticket in my purse as well. (Funny thing, dreams.)

They checked their tickets for a date. The show was that very night! In less than 3 hours! However, they were still wearing their school clothes. What could they wear to the show?

"You could borrow some of my clothes," my mom generously offered.

"We could use safety pins," I suggested.

"Okay," they apprehensively agreed.

"I would go in my pajamas if I had to," Thumbelina conceded.

We went to Mom's closet and sorted through her various skirts and dresses. "How about these?" she asked, pulling out some of our very own clothing which just happened to have made its way into her closet - along with shoes to match. (Dreams can be so funny that way!)

"Have a good time!" Mom called to us as she left for work. We picked up some dinner, got dressed and were on the road to the show in record time.

I vividly recall the fact that there was no traffic on the freeway and parking was plentiful. Gotta love dreams.

We made our way into the theater to discover that our seats were perfectly positioned for prime viewing.

As the music began some winged-monkeys slowly drew up the curtain to reveal the opening scene for what could only be described as the best on-stage musical production we have ever experienced.

We did our best not to sing along... but a couple of times Thumbelina couldn't help herself. In fact, I found myself lip syncing throughout much of this portion of the dream.

The show was incredible. Exhilarating. Surreal.
It was a dream come true.


Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

I am glad there are still mothers out there that make dreams come true for their little girls, and their little girls little girls.

This made me cry!

Cami said...

How fun! I'm so glad you and your girls got to go. I loved it too! What a wonderful dream.

Anonymous said...

Totally, absolutely, and amazingly Wicked...gotta love those kind of dreams.

Gina said...

Ahhhhhh....I want you to be my mom.

Anaise said...

That's a really GOOD dream!

Mom of Three said...

I with Gina, will you me my mom too!?

Cami said...

I LOVE the excitement in their eyes as they are holding their tickets. What a good surprise!

Rebecca said...

So going back to that fortune cookie....was that from your mom, too?

cari said...

Princeless. That's awesome!

Panama Jones said...

It's a wonderful when moms and other assorted fairy godmothers can make dreams come true.

Gerb said...

So, everyone... thanks for the comments. My mom was indeed an accomplice to this magical day but the instigator of it all was my sweet husband.

Allen, you are the mostest bestest. And I am the luckiest.

That's all I will say about that. ;0)