Monday, April 13, 2009


I think yesterday's class was my favorite of all time with my cute little 4-year-olds at church.

Because it was Easter Sunday I was teaching them about the real meaning of Easter with the help of a sock puppet, a glove and some plastic eggs.

We had about 10 minutes left when I came to the part where I taught them about the resurrection of Jesus. Super C raised his hand and said, "Wait one minute. Go back. Say that big woyd again. Wes-a-what?"

"Resurrection?" I asked.

"Yeah, wes-a-wec-tion. Now, what does that woyd mean again?"

"It means Jesus died and then he lived again."

I showed the class a picture of Jesus after he was resurrected. "Here he is after he was resurrected. We know he was already crucified because you can see the scars on his hands from the nails. See?" I asked, pointing. They all took a closer look.

"He died and then he lived?" Super C asked. "And we aw gonna do that, too?"


"And he died fo us? So we could live fo-ev-o? Even if we make mistakes?"

"That's right, Super C. That's why we celebrate Easter. "

"So East-o is to wemem-bo Jesus died fo us? It's not just fo East-o baskets and candy?" he asked, incredulous.

"Yup. There's a lot more to it than Easter baskets and candy," I answered.

"Oh my heck!" he exclaimed, standing. "How come I nev-o knew any of this stuff be-fo-ah?"

And then, turning to the rest of the class he loudly stated, "East-o is all about Jesus, guys! Can you be-weave it?!"

These are the days that make being a teacher completely worth it.


Martha said...

Great "A-HA" moment! That was one of my favorite parts of being a primary teacher, too.

Cami said...

I so want to know who Super C is! Hope you had a great Easter!

*BaNaNa* said...

I love Super C! I actually find myself retelling your Sunday stories to other friends because they are great!

Teachinfourth said...

Oncee, yeht agawin, yohur post made me smile. Tanks Sista Bwack!

Jay Dub said...

Super C's Super Mom needs to read your Super Blog.

Anaise said...

I had to go back to check past posts to see if Super C is one of yours or not--I think not, right?

If he isn't yours then my reaction is sympathy for his poor mother who must be one of those primary casualties that fall every week in primary classes all over the world--the diligent mother who has taught her children truth from the day of their birth, has held FHE and family prayer and family scripture study faithfully, sends her children off to primary . . . and then the primary teacher gets all the credit!

Nonetheless--a very funny story!

Mom of Three said...

That's an awesome story Gerb!! Those kids are lucky to have you!!

Burns said...

Super C's mom here. Gerb you capture his voice exactly in the way you spell what he says! You are a talented writer. I'm so glad you teach his class. You know, I print these stories off and put them in his journal. My other kids will be jealous someday. And thanks to Anaise for believeing I do try, but I am glad I have awesome back-up! Thanks for this great Easter story.

Chelle! said...

I think that you should send that into Church Headquarters. They would absolutely love it!!

Panama Jones said...

That couldn't have gone better if it had been scripted. Cute, and poignant.

AzĂșcar said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome -- hope it's okay that I'm printing it for my brand new missionary -- his latest letter sounded like he needed a smile -- and what a great reminder of how important it is to help everyone know what it's all about!
I remember inviting some neighbors over, and having the kids do the nativity story.
Many of those children had never heard the Jesus side of that story -- my heart ached!
Thank you for sharing!

Johnna said...

okay, that's awesome.