Friday, April 10, 2009


A couple of days ago Coolister asked me to come see something.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Just come see," was his reply.

So I followed him down the stairs as he informed me, "I think there is a mouse in our dryer."

I stopped. I am not a big fan of mice. Sure, they look all cute and tiny and they're awesome helpers if you're Cinderella or Gizelle, but those little rodents also occasionally jump onto people who are just trying to help them get out of the house without killing them off (I know this from personal experience).

As we approached the dryer I could hear the scritch-scratch noise of little mouse claws trying to work their way out of somewhere. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as the heebie-jeebies made their way up my spine. Coolister cracked open the dryer and looked inside but no beady little black mouse eyes peered back at us. I sang the beginning refrain of Gizelle's "Happy Working Song" but no little critter responded. It was not in the dryer.

The noise came again, scritchity-scratch... from the dryer ventilation tubing. It was trapped in there and couldn't get out.

Since we didn't want to cook the little rodent and have roasted mouse stench in the dryer, we had to help it escape.

Coolister and I devised a plan. First, remove the dryer vent, then turn the end of it over into a large container, allow our little mouse intruder to fall into the container, put a lid on and take the container outside to set the mouse free.
Once it got to the part where we were supposed to remove the vent, I got squeamish. I could just imagine the disease-carrying rodent jumping out, landing on my arm and running up my sleeve. I let Allen and Coolister take over while I took pictures. It wouldn't jump out! They shook the dryer vent, encouraging it to escape. Finally, it landed in the big, blue jug.

"It's a bird!" Coolister exclaimed, pulling the lid over the container's opening.

A bird.

I like birds. A lot, actually. My heebie-jeebies went away as we walked outside to free our feathered friend.
We pulled the lid off the top of the jug but he wouldn't fly away. He just sat there, bewildered.
Finally Allen tipped the jug onto its side and our temporary visitor found freedom.
I couldn't help but remember another visit we had from a bird a couple of years ago. I wondered what lesson I was supposed to learn this time around.

I decided it was this:

Sometimes we get ourselves in predicaments that we can't get out of on our own. At times like this we need to rely on others to help us... and that's okay. It's not always easy to accept help from others but sometimes it is necessary.

We just need to realize that we can't make it through life's journey alone.

And that is why God gave us friends.


Pam said...

and COUSINS! (big smile)

Teachinfourth said...

Amen, Gerb.

Rachel said...

I loved this post! And I loved that you looked for a lesson in it. I need to do that more often.

A few years ago we had a lovely bird couple build a nest in our dryer vent. My hubby had to get the leaf blower and stick it in the vent to get everything out. And boy did a LOT of stuff come out - straw, feathers, and of course, lint. We had to put a contraption over the vent on the outside of the house to keep the little birds from re-building and becoming a potential fire hazard everytime I needed dry socks!

What lesson should I have learned from this?

Mom not Mum said...

Aww - what a day - you save a bird and I killed one. Of course not intentionally - a bird flew right in to my car earlier today. I like your story better.

The lesson - sometimes we're just trying to go for a nice fly and a minivan gets in our way?

simplysarah said...

Mom not Mum - you're funny.

Gerb - I like you and your blog. Lesson: Have great older sisters, and blog stalk their friends.

Rebecca said...

Another lesson I'm taking from this story is:

Don't accept a drink from the blue water cooler!

Just kidding, because I know how clean you guys are, and I trust that your blue cooler is nicely sanitized.

(Ironically, my word verif. is COUTIGH, which is another common spelling for COOTIE...I'm pretty sure.)

Anaise said...

Hmm . . . I've been pondering friends and building relationships lately. How interesting that you posted about this right now . . . especially when I'm percolating some ideas of my own to post. :)

Your birdie friend looks just like the ones that get into my bedroom every spring. It takes soooo long to guide them safely out--they fight against it every step of the way . . . I'm wondering about THAT part of the "lesson."

Gerb said...

Pam- You got it!

T5th- :0)

Rachel- Thanks! And... it was your lesson so only you can guess what you were meant to learn. (In other words, I have no idea.)

M-n-M- May your bird friend R.I.P.

Sarah- I like yours, too. Keep up the stalking. It makes me happy.
Actually, I like when you leave comments even more than when you just stalk. I'm ready to be adopted into your clan as soon as your mom is willing to send me packages! ;0)

Bec- That's funny. It's the same thing ElemenoB said after the bird was freed.

Anaise- Lots of lessons to be learned there. I am wondering, though... how do the birds get into your bedroom?

Burns said...

I giggled then I got goosebumps. Cool story.

Richard & Natalie said...

Gerb, I couldn't help, but notice Little Allen's shirt with a big red TEXAS across it. At this point in time, 3 years later, I find that almost as cool as your story.

Richard & Natalie said...

OH! I forgot, we had this same situation with 2 birds. Only we found ours too late. :(

Gerb said...

We have family in Texas! Which made it even cooler that he was called there. That was his souvenir T-shirt from a family reunion in Houston. :)