Friday, April 24, 2009

The Parable of the Peanut Butter

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Once upon a time there was a boy. He had a mother and a father who loved him very much. However, the boy's parents were perplexed when they found an almost empty jar of peanut butter beneath the boy's bed.

Later that afternoon the parents questioned the boy as to where the jar of peanut butter had come from.

The boy told his parents this story of how the peanut butter came to be beneath his bed.

One day when the boy was at school he noticed a friend who was enjoying some nearly-expired peanut butter on crackers. The friend arrived at a point where he no longer had crackers, yet his peanut butter was still near to overflowing. "Whatever shall I do with this nearly-expired jar of peanut butter?" the friend wondered aloud. The boy, who was used to eating nearly-expired peanut butter, offered to take it off of his friend's hands. "Thank you ever so much!" the friend replied. The boy then brought the peanut butter home and placed it beneath his bed. He did not want to leave it in his locker at school. He did not want to leave it in his knapsack. He did not want to place it upon his dresser. He wanted it to be beneath his bed so that his younger brother would not ask for any nearly-expired peanut butter.

"How is it, then," the boy's mother inquired, "that your jar of nearly-expired peanut butter carries the same label, non-nearly-expired expiration date AND batch number as the plethora of peanut butter which is placed in our pantry?"

The boy lowered his head in shame. His parents were right. He had pilfered the peanut butter from the pantry. And it was then that he realized that one lie begets another and another... until the sticky, peanut butter web has been spun to the extent that one becomes stuck in it.

The End


Anaise said...

Yeah, the same thing happens at our house . . . I think I may print this post and use it in our devotional this morning!

Teachinfourth said...

I've heard of similar incidents when American couples adopt Asian orphans. Oftentimes, they will 'horde' food because of not quite knowing when the next meal just may come.

Hmmmmm....was the boy in the parable an Asian orphan?

sue-donym said...

Well, I believed him.

JSW said...

Don't smash the creepy crawly in your Suburban just yet--he could set up shop as pest control under a certain Asian orphan's bed.

Gina said...

Ahhhh...the skill of hording. My mother would keep a packet of dry jello underneath her pillow as a child. Dip, dip the wet finger. YUM!

Maleen said...

It is good that when we are young, our lies are really bad so our parents can help us decide to make better choices than lying.
At least, I hope my kids are bad at lying. I need all the help I can get with parenting.

Mom not Mum said...

Donny Osmond tells a story about peanut butter and how well sought after a FRESH jar of peanut butter was in his home growing up. One that didn't have jelly and crumbs mixed in it from the other siblings who had made a sandwich and not kept the peanut butter nice for the next person. Maybe you're peanut butter hoarder has similar issues?

hintonrae said...

Look, I always preferred to have my own personal jar of nearly non-expired jar of peanut butter, too. And I did indeed keep it...under the bed.

Boyd said...

Once while mom was making a wedding cake for Evan or Trent's wedding (I can't remember which) Quinn took one of the layers and hid it under his bed. Yeah he got in trouble.