Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teen Talk

With two teenagers and an almost-teen in the house, I am quickly learning to discern what they really mean when they say certain things. To make it easier for you who either share your home with or otherwise associate with teens or tweens, I will list some phrases and their true definitions here.

(I'm all about helping each other out like that.)

What they say: "Mom, you're such a nerd!"
What they mean: "Mom, I think you are SO cool!"

They say: "I love you, Mom."
They mean: "In the next 3 to 5 minutes I am going to ask you for something."

They say: "You totally embarrassed me!"
They mean: "That was hilarious! Do it again!"

They say: "Can I borrow your black sandals?"
They mean: "Those sandals will be mine within the week."

They say: "I DID clean my room!"
They mean: "I DID shove everything under my bed and into my closet!"

They say: "Mom, Pat's on the phone wanting to know if I can come over. But don't you and dad want to go on a date tonight?"
They mean: "I don't want to go to Pat's house but I want to say that you said I couldn't."

And my personal favorite:

They say: "You're pretty cool... for a mom."
They mean: "I love you."


ablackman said...

Life is especially hard when you're walking around on stilts and you have no eyes.

How about...
Parent: "Did you do all your homework (or any other work)?"
Teen: "Most of it."
Interpretation: "None of it."

Gerb said...

Allen- You love those cartoons, admit it!

And: nice one. I can't believe I forgot that one - I sure hear it a lot!

Gina said...

Those are pretty good. I will file them away for the upcoming years.

Anonymous said...

Huh. My six year old has already mastered teen-speak for Clean Room. Wonder what that means for the future?

Chip said...

I would like to see the phrases #3 comes up with... (I have a hard enough time remembering their names, let alone their code-names)
She has always been the straight shooter of the bunch!

Deb said...

I have an two teenagers and one who is 121/2(he acts like a teen)...I totally agree with everything! Especially with the want something later after saying "I love you". I enjoy all your insights...I can't remember who's blog I found yours on..but I grew up in Gardena ward and I knew Deanna. I know Emily Trumble and my brother is married to Anaise. I was Debbie Robertson but now Debbie Love. Check out my blog...

Amanda said...

I like the one about Pat. I use it sometimes:)

Cami said...

I'll have to remember these when Thing 1 and Thing 2 come of age.

We need to get together sometime...

Gerb said...

Gina- I'm sure you'll have a bunch of new ones to tell me about in a few years...

hintonrae- I have one of those, my Princess. It's funny and kind of cute now, but later? Not so funny.

Chip- You know Thumbelina well. She IS the straight-shooter. Her stuff includes things like: I didn't make my bed because I didn't have time. Live with it. (which translates to: I didn't make my bed because I didn't have time. Live with it. Idiot.)

Deb- It will be fun to read up on what your family is up to! You look familiar for sure - thanks for commenting and reading!

Amanda- That's one of my favorites.

Cami- Rollerskating/blading on the river trail? Some warm weekend?