Thursday, April 16, 2009


Curly is quite a little blanket-lover. She carries her blanket(s) with her everywhere she goes if she can get away with it.

I was thinking about that yesterday morning as she crawled into bed with me, blanket in tow, to watch and listen as the rain beat a steady rhythm against our windows.

"Mom has blankets, Curly." I told her. "We can share."

"No, mom, Curly want Curly's blank-let," she responded.

And why not? Honestly, if I could carry around a blanket without being looked upon as some kind of freak I probably would.

Think about it.

Blankets give warmth and security. They are a place to hide. They make a great place to sit at a beach or park. Blankets offer comfort. They make the perfect forts when draped over a table or chair. They can be used to protect items that are fragile. On a rainy day I could wrap myself in a blanket with a good book and a bowl of popcorn and be content for hours. They offer protection from the elements. Besides all of that, how many of us keep a spare blanket in our car?

A blanket's functions are really just as individual as the person who owns it.

Sometimes I think kids have a wisdom beyond their years.

Curly, you keep toting around that blank-let.


Anaise said...

First--I'm glad you figured out who I am! I guess in my unique-name-arrogance, I thought I didn't need to explain further who I was when I randomly appeared on your comment list one day. :) Now that you are visiting me sometimes, I won't feel like such a sneak when I visit you!

Second--Curly and her blank-let are darling, and I agree . . . blank-lets are GREAT!

simplysarah said...

I love love love blankets! Also, towels. I don't like gifts, generally...but blankets are always something I want more of. Hmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

There are ties in life when I feel I really just need a good blanket.

Gerb said...

Anaise- I suspected it was you at first but wasn't sure. It's nice to be in touch again!

Sarah- I am the same. I have a hard time getting rid of blankets when we're trying to organize and reduce our 'stuff'.

Anon- I completely understand. Everyone needs a good blanket.