Thursday, April 2, 2009

Master Mechanic

The other day I went to take Princess to school and the suburban wouldn't start. This had happened once in the last week already, so I knew just what to do. I got out the jumper cables,
phoned a friend who brought her car over, then tried to jump start the dead 'burb.
Nothing. My friend volunteered to take Princess to school (thanks, Jenny!) and let me use her car to run errands afterward. I graciously accepted. But then I started to think... I remembered how Allen let me in on a little secret about his vehicle repair know-how: he just figured things out as he needed to.

I could do that.

I remembered how I replaced the headlight by myself just a couple of weeks ago
and what a feeling of sweet satisfaction I had afterward.

I can at least attempt to fix the problem, I thought.

I did a search on the internet listing the basic problem and found this practical solution: "Try whacking the fuel tank with a 2 x 4 or rubber mallet to move the pump commutator and start it again."

Now this was a tool I knew I could find. I got a nice 2x4 from the garage...
and set out to find the fuel tank.

I knew the fuel went in here...
so I climbed under the vehicle and followed this
to here. Fuel tank! Larger than life...So I gave it a good whack...
then tried to restart the 'burb. And guess what? It worked!

I now keep an extra tool in the back in case of emergencies:
And you know what? I think I can do anything.

Just call me an Automotive Goddess.


Boyd and Sarise said...

I love it! Just a good ol' wack is all it needed, huh? Amazing! I would have thought it would work. Kuddos to you for having fixed it yourself!

Anaise said...

Is there NOTHING you can't do?

I'm impressed.

Martha said...

Wow. You're amazing. So is the internet, huh? Love it.

Rebecca said...

Gotta love Google! And confident women! And handy husbands!

Jenny said...

Also gotta love that if you wouldn't have been able to find a perfect size, sanded 2 x 4 in your garage you probably could have found a rubber mallet in there.

Cami said...

Automotive Goddess is now added to the list of your other titles. Such as:

Domestic Goddess
Cupon Clipping Goddess
Bargain Shopping Goddess
Most Amazing Mother Goddess
Writing Goddess

The list could go on and on!

You're way better than Martha Stewart. Seriously!

Mom of Three said...

Dear Automotive Goddess,

I have a small problem with my oil pan. I seem to lose all the oil I put in my little car. Can you help??

Leaking Lady

Amber said...

I love the feeling that comes from fixing car things by yourself. I changed my own windshield wiper blades a couple of weeks ago and I felt so awesome. Way to be an automotive goddess :).

Pam said...

Awesome! Great job. You ARE an automotive goddess!

P.S. Please tell Leaking Lady that she may need a new oil pan gasket. Also make sure the drain plug is tightened and the filter is in snug.


Gerb said...

Sarise - Thanks! It's amazing what you can find with google these days.

Anaise - More things than I have time to list here...

Martha- Thank you kindly. And yes, gotta love the internet!

Bec- Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Jenny- Too true. But who knows where the rubber mallet is? I can always find a 2x4.

Cami - I can't believe you forgot Donut Goddess. But you're forgiven.

Leaking Lady - Please refer to the comment left by my talented cousin, Pam. I was going to say "Buy a new car".

Amber- New wiper blades are the best, aren't they? I love the first rain after they're installed. Clear perfection.

Pam- I never knew how you and Gene met. I always assumed it was at some kind of Star Wars convention or something... You totally need a blog.

Allen said...

Uh...Sweetheart, Goddess of Everything, sorry to be picky, but that board is only a 1x4 (no doubt "become Woodworking Goddess" is already on the calendar for next week, right?)

Good job all the same!

sue-donym said...

You rock! I consider myself pretty handy, but I would have never thought of doing anything like that. (even looking it up on the internet)

Can just say I am totally embarrassed that I actually came and got the peeps. You must think I am crazy. Your kids are adorable!

Gerb said...

Allen- Uh...Honey Pie, He-Who-Knows-Everything, next time I shall bring out my trusty ruler and be sure it is the correct size. And I'm making some bookshelves for the front room to claim the "Woodworking Goddess" title. What do you think? I'll make you proud!

Sue- Can I just say that I LOVE that you actually came and got the Peeps? How were they? A little crispy?

Panama Jones said...

Annette was entirely too modest by not retelling the thrilling account of having a flat tire at 2:00AM in the middle of the Nevada in a car full of girls travelling back to BYU. She was tje only one who knew how to change the tire, and earned the moniker, "He-Woman."

But I get to change the flats now. Who-wee!