Friday, April 3, 2009

Not For The Squeamish

Disclaimer: There's nothing particularly clever or funny about this post. Just so you know.

When you hear cataracts you probably think of your grandma, right? Not around here.

Allen is a young cataract patient. The best the doctors can guess is that the cataracts were caused by exposure to sunlight over time (so wear your sunglasses!). The good news is that cataract surgery is the most successful surgery in the United States today.

The thing about Allen is this: when he wants to find out about something he will research it until there is nothing left to discover and then decide how to move forward from there. After reading about all of the various lens replacements and surgical methods available he was ready to make plans for surgery.

His first surgery is scheduled for next week.

In all of his research he found some videos of the actual surgery taking place. He wanted to show them to me because he found them fascinating and educational. Despite my apprehension and squeamish stomach I watched this video of a cataract surgery with him and thought I was handling it well until I saw this photo that ElemenoB snapped...

At least I'm not vomiting. (Yet.)

I will say that I am extremely happy that we live in a time and place where this kind of surgery is almost guaranteed to be successful. Add that to Allen's confidence that all will go well and most of my fears are eased.

p.s. This is my 300th post! Holy smokes.


Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

Congrats on the 300th post, that is almost one year of post!

I watched my Grandma's cataract surgery. They eye doctor had a video camera set up so that you could watch the entire process in the waiting room! It was interesting and helped her vision very much. Good luck Allen!

Michelle said...

Good luck with the surgery. I hope everything goes well. I am squeamish with just putting drops in my eyes.

sammisue said...


Mom of Three said...

You look so much like Chip in that picture ( a cuter version)! Congrats on 300 posts!! Awesome!

Teachinfourth said...

I hope all goes well, if you guys need anything...let me know. I'm sure I could find someone to do whatever it is.

Gerb said...

Jen- You WATCHED your grandma's surgery? On purpose? I would puke. But thanks for the kind words.

Michelle- I'm with you. Contact lenses would freak me out.

Sam- Thanks.

Mof3- That is a huge compliment since everyone knows Chip has always been the more popular one. Thank you!

T5th- Could you find someone to make us a huge batch of chunk-a-poos? I hear they have healing powers. Thanks, you're the best.

annette said...

Wow. Well, it's good to be informed. Is it possible to be too informed? That pic. is great! I hope all goes well. How long is recovery? Will Allen need glasses or anything?

annette said...

300 posts? Cool beans!

Cami Hood said...

“I will say that I am extremely happy that we live in a time and place where this kind of surgery is almost guaranteed to be successful.”-- Indeed! We are so lucky because we can undergo any treatment and procedure with assurance that it will succeed. Medical experts aren’t hard to find. Plus, patients will have high success rates of going through surgeries with the technology we have today.