Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Fun Than Should Be Allowed

Because I hold certification as an ASL Interpreter in my great state I am required to attend 60 hours worth of workshops every 3 years.

The workshops I attend are educational as well as enjoyable for the most part because I choose to make them so. However, the workshop I attended this weekend blows all of the others out of the water.

First of all, it was FREE. This, in itself, is a rare occurrence. Add to that the fact that my little brother was going to attend with me and you've got the recipe for a GREAT time. Add Amy, a friend I had not seen in over 5 years, and I was in.

It gets even better. This was a two-day workshop and overnight accommodations were provided in the dorms adjacent to the school. A workshop/slumber party? Awesome.

I packed a few items that would guarantee a good time:
  1. Accordion
  2. Roller skates
  3. Sock puppets
  4. Night-vision goggles
Because you never know when these things will come in handy.

When the Friday evening portion of the workshop was finished we headed to the dorms to plan our night. It was decided that the empty, mostly carpeted halls of the school would make for some great skating.

As I laced up my skates I was excitedly thinking, How many people can say they have roller skated through the halls of a school after hours? And then , disappointed, realized that there were maybe a few.

So then I thought, How many people can say they have roller skated through the halls of a school wearing night-vision goggles, after hours, while playing the accordion?

And I can now happily add to that thought: Me.

I'm thinking about calling The Guinness World Records people.
We made some new interpreter friends in the dorms who were happy to come watch as I made workshop history.

After a while I wondered how everyone could possibly be having as much fun as myself. I mean, sure, it's fun to watch people's dreams come true, but only to a point.

Luck was on our side. Down a side hall we found a cache of enormous tricycles and other ride-on equipment that just screamed: Ride us! Ride us! Take us for a spin! So we did.
Chip and Amy tearing it up!

We had races. We had chases. We had a blast.

We quickly discovered the location of the school's gymnasium as well. I was in roller skating heaven! My own rink. Does it get any better?
At one point a piano was uncovered and played by the talented Jame. This made for some great interpretive dances.

Once we had tired out we sat on the stage and had an impromptu talent show with the help of the school's sound equipment.

Chip has not lost the talent of drumming out the rhythms of a beat-box with his mouth. And when it comes to break dancing? He's still got the moves down. (Word.)

We found some props on the stage which led to even more entertainment.

A giant teeter-totter.

A realistic coffin. (It was fun to talk about the poses we could get in there but when it came down to it, no one dared. Too creepy.)

My favorite prop? The perfect stage for a puppet show.
The puppets, performing a scene from Phantom of the Opera.

Eventually we traveled back to the commons area of the dorms to chat, laugh, munch on some junk food, debate avuncular smiles and listen to the flatulent sounds of Chip's iFart. (Incidentally, iFart is HILARIOUS at 2 in the morning!)

One by one our friends headed off to catch a few hours of sleep before we'd be back in the classroom learning about cohesion in our interpreting message. Chip, Amy and I (the true diehards!) finally turned the lights out at 4 a.m.

At some point in this adventure we realized that the school has security cameras throughout the campus. I'll be honest... we hold on to the secret hope that we will find ourselves on YouTube.

But if not, we at least hope that security enjoyed our nocturnal hi jinks as much as we did.

Although I doubt that is possible.


Teachinfourth said...

That, my

I sit here, somewhat envious at your little escapade. Though I can boast about playing tag on rollerblades in a school with my brother and a good friend of ours, I cannot claim to have done so whilst wearing pajamas and playing the accordion.

You have set the bar of which I cannot dream of hurtling—in this life or the next.

Roll on, Gerb.

Amy said...

Hey! Where's the one of you doing your interpretive dance to Phantom then crash landing on the blue foam pad? Too long, huh? That was hilarious!

Rebecca said...

That looks and sounds like so much fun! In fact, just now when I watched the video clip, Doug's voice called from the other room, "Turn it off!" because he thought it was one of the girls playing a computer game (not allowed today). However, I will be staying at a dorm near you this week, and you're welcome to join (make) that party!!!

NoSurfGirl said...

You and your beehive daughter are peas in a pod. :)

Honestly, are those ALLIGATORS on your pajamas????

Ang said...

Gerb!! These photos sparked a huge discussion with my husband on the true keys to life and the ability to love life and stay young and vibrant! Gerb...I LOVE THIS!! Thanks for taking the time to share not only your pizza secrets, but life's secrets! I seriously wish I could have been there to take part in such a fun weekend:-) Your kids and husband and friends are blessed to have you! I am inspired to let go and have more fun!

Lena the Teacher said...

Gerb- you are my idol! I love your blog more and more each day! I have a blog request! When I was in high school you said you had a new shoes song- but you would not sing it to me unless I had new shoes. Could you make a video of the song or something? DO you still remember this song?

Gina said...

Three of my favorite people. Some activities that blow my mind. Late night with no kids. Pajamas. Laughing. That is a recipe for envy. Wish I could have been there too. FUN!

Martha said...

You Are SO Awesome!!!!!

Anaise said...

So I read this post twice (and I'm pretty sure you have frogs on your jammies), and I marveled at your energy, zest, and stamina! I'd have been in bed with a book by 10:00 pm wondering who was making all that noise in the hallway! :)

I've thought about it, and I'm really glad for people like you! You remind people like me to not take life too seriously.

You are able to make anything exciting, and you bring the gift of laughter to an otherwise sorrowful world.

You are a delight!

Hip Heiner Fun said...

I must say, that night made for some great memories and laughs! Nothing better or theraputic to just let loose and enjoy life! It was great to meet you,Chip,Amy and Jamy!

Anonymous said...

Love the pajamas! Are those the one from girls camp a few years back? I remember helping make some for the bishopric to have on bishop's night. Roman's have since worn out but the girls loved it when he wore his.

Michelle said...

What a fun night! --you're a riot.

I was so looking forward to this post after hearing a bit about your weekend on Sat. And I must say... I was not dissappointed!

I love the photo of you in your night vision, accordian, and skates--Priceless!

Gerb said...

T5th- I could see you enjoying this adventure. I guess some of us get to bask in the beauty of the desert and take amazing photographs to invoke jealousy - and others of us just go crazy when the opportunity presents itself. I bet you'll get your chance for the latter.

Amy- I will try to post that one on Facebook if I can figure out how. Watch for it later today...

Bec- Women's Conference? Sometime in my life I will attend that as a non-interpreter and we will be the life of the party. Deal?

NSG- She is my mini-me, for sure. Except that I didn't come out of my shell until the age of 14... Guess what? Not only do we share a love of Izzes, we apparently both enjoy Toblerone as well. And those are frogs on my PJs. But alligators would be awesome.

Ang- Based on the pictures I have seen it looks like you have plenty of adventures of your own! I would love to hear about some of them...

Lena- I actually did a post about that. Go to the 'search blog' at the top left corner of my main page and type in 'new shoes song' and it should come up. Otherwise, email me (gerbdonna at gmail dot com) and I'll send you a direct link.

Gina- You know there will be a next time... and you could bring your own skates/blades!

Martha- Aw, shucks.

Anaise- I have very much enjoyed becoming reacquainted with you. In fact, I think we still have a LOT of ground to cover! But I bet I could get you out in the hall with us if you were there. That's part of what makes it fun.

And thanks.

HipVic- I am glad you guys were willing to join in on the fun! When it comes to rockin' out on a teeter-totter, your abilities are unmatched.

Kara- They were actually a gift from a friend and her mom many years ago. I never used to wear pajamas much so they sat in my closet for years. About 2 years ago I needed some warm PJs for YW camp and remembered them. Now I wear them often.

Michelle- I am just glad the family doesn't disown me... I can get a little off the charts on occasion! Thanks for enjoying it. =0)

GaeLynn said...

Wow, you crack me up!

Farscaper said...

Boy have I become stuffy over the years. You totally crack me up. You reminded me of how life use to be (in high school, college etc..)

Why is it that it's "easy" to be boring and a fuddy-duddy and it takes effort to have fun? That just sounds wrong to me.

I HAD to read this to hubby. I was giggling all the way through it.