Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guest Post: Teachinfourth

Hey, everyone! Today is Allen's surgery and I knew I wouldn't have time to post at all. I asked my friend Jason (better known in blogland as Teachinfourth) if he would be willing to post here and (lucky you!) he graciously agreed. So to Jason, thank you. And to everyone else, enjoy...

This is not my usual place for writing; however, since I was asked by my good friend, Gerb, to do a guest posting, I was quite flattered and decided to oblige. For those of you who either don’t know me or don’t care, rest assured, I am only here temporarily and Gerb will undoubtedly return yet again with sensational tales of wonder.

Until then…you’ve got me.

Now, when I was first asked to do this, I was given no parameters whatsoever.

“What would you like me to write about?” I inquired, hoping for a topic which would make the composition of said guest-blog so much easier.

“Whatever you want to write would be fine with me,” came the dreaded reply.


Topics always tend to make it easier for writing instead of trying to pull something out of one’s own head.

I sat down at the keyboard and prepared to compose a work of art when it happened.


I sat for quite some time, staring at the blank screen. I began to feel perturbed…after all, I knew how to write. I knew I could do it.

I switched on my iPod and leaned back in my seat, waiting for something…

Some writers have great ideas thrust upon them in a flurry of inspiration; while others, like me, find themselves groping at proverbial straws of desperation.

As my iPod shuffled itself to a song I’d not heard in years, the awaited guest arrived. It came in the form of a song…a song riddled with recollections dating back to some of my earliest memories. Yeah, you know the song I am talking about. Though this song may be different for you in both tune and lyrics, it conveys the same outcome as mine did for me.

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

~Leopold Stokowski

As the haunting strains of music poured through the speakers, I felt an incessant desire to lock myself into that particular moment, and to let the memories saturate me like honey drizzled over freshly-warmed scones with butter.

I found myself closing my eyes and listening to the melody which seemed to carry me to another place, another time, and a whole other world which I’d once forgotten.

As the shadows played before my eyes like an old-time movie, I listened to the brilliant soundtrack in stereo sound. The metaphors of my life were sharp and defined, only as music can make them.

“Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.’

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

When the final notes of the song faded into silence, I opened my eyes. I’d been transported back to the place from which I’d started. I’d taken an entire journey all without leaving the four walls of my home.

Music is a power which can change an attitude, a temper, or even the atmosphere of an entire room. With an instrument as powerful as this, I hope we are utilizing it to its fullest extent in our everyday lives. Not only to visit those places and times of the past we love, but to create new memories to enjoy for tomorrow.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

~Berthold Auerbach


Meg said...

Music is powerful. I have a lot of songs that just jogg a certain memory in my life.

You wrote a very nice post, Z.

Anaise said...

Good post--but my thoughts are with Allen and his surgery--hoping the outcome is perfect.

Gerb said...

Meg- I think it's that way for many of us. Music is indeed powerful.

Anaise- Thanks so much. Allen has been excited about today which makes me a bit less anxious... I'll let you know how things go. (I'm currently playing the waiting game in a plastic La-Z-Boy) :0)

Threeundertwo said...

Great post, love your quotes. Thanks for filling in!

Amanda said...


Holmes said...

So how did everything go? Hope Allen is doing well... BTW, love the guest post.