Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Little Bird Told Me...

Look at what we found in our garage last weekend: a beautiful little hummingbird. And because I am not trained in determining the gender of hummingbirds, I am guessing it was a girl. Just work with me here.

Allen-the-elder has been remodeling our front room, which includes plenty of woodwork that he creates in the garage. And it is beautiful - he has amazing talent when it comes to such things. I'll do a before-and-after post when he's done. So, back to our new family friend, Humming Birdie.

I went into the garage to bring my sweetheart some breakfast and there she was, fluttering around the ceiling rafters, bringing a smallish warmth to my heart. Did I mention I have a fascination with the beauty of birds in flight? Then Hum B. landed daintily on a power cord to rest. I have never seen a hummingbird at such close range before, and sitting still. After watching Hum B. fly around for a while, seemingly frustrated at not being able to find a way back into the wild blue yonder, (despite the fact the the garage door was WIDE open) we tried to help her find a way out.

Oh, how we tried.

We filled a bowl with maple syrupy-sweet water and placed it near the garage window whose screen had been removed. No dice.

We filled another bowl with sugar-water and placed it at the end of one of the power cords Hum B. favored as a resting place. Ineffective.

We borrowed a neighbor's hummingbird feeder and hung it near the window, filled with sweet, colorful goodness. Failure.

We draped a colorful cloth near the window, hoping it would bring fond memories of tasty flowers to her little hummingbird mind. Futile.

She could not seem to see below ceiling level. We moved the feeder to where she could nourish herself, and gave up until nightfall.

When darkness came we turned off all the lights and shone a light outside of the garage window. Surely Hum B. would find her way out!

Sunday morning dawned and we anxiously ran to the garage to see if our feathered friend had escaped the confines of the garage. Nope. I had one last hope. I vaguely remembered one of our church leaders giving a talk about a similar experience with a sparrow trapped in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, so I looked it up on our church's website. We had already used the same method of attempting to help the bird escape, but the talk beautifully illustrated another message:

"The sparrow reminds me of the predicament many of us find ourselves in. We feel trapped by our own actions or by the actions of others. We feel frustrations from health problems, family problems, and finances. We fly from one point to another, flapping our wings and making a lot of noise, but that does not solve our problems. But just as God loved that sparrow, he loves each of us and will give us inspiration and direction if we will only ask."

When we returned from our church meetings, the bird had found freedom.

I think someone was trying to tell me something. Something I really needed to hear.

Message received, and thank you.


Gina said...

Only you could write both hysterically and beautifully in one piece of work. Thanks for the story. Message received.

Michelle said...

AMAZING!!! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Thanks, I needed to message too!!!

allaboy! said...

that would be a wonderful pet!!!!!!!!