Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something Like That

A conversation with the Princess this morning...

Me: After we drop you off at school we are going to see grandma at work.

P: There's something I don't understand about grandma. It doesn't make sense.

Me: What's that?

P: If she's Deaf, how can she understand what I'm saying all the time?

Me: She can read your lips.

P: Like we read books? She reads lips?

Me: Yup.

P: And she talks with her hands, right? Using sign language?

Me: You got it.

P: Okay, mom. Let me get this straight. Grandma uses her hands to talk and her eyes to read lips. Is that what you told me?

Me: Yup, that's what I said.

P: So, we talk with our mouths and grandma talks with her hands. And we read books but grandma reads lips.

Me: Well, grandma can read books, too.

P: (incredulously) She can?!

Me: Of course she can. Her ears don't work like ours but her brain works just fine.

P: I'm totally confused now, mom. How can grandma read books if she's reading lips?

Me: I don't think she would read them both at the same time.

P: So she doesn't read lips?

Me: No, she does read lips. But reading lips just means she sees the shapes your lips make when they say certain words and she knows what you're saying by watching the way your lips move.

P: So she doesn't read books?

Me: No, she does read books. Reading books means your eyes find the words on the page and put them together to make a story.

P: What are you even talking about now, mom? Because I was talking about grandma and you're talking about stories. And now I want to know stuff like are there pictures in the stories? And how does grandma read lips when she's reading stories? But you just keep talking about stuff that I didn't even ask you about. (exasperated sigh) So just forget it.

Me: Are you sure you don't want me to try to help you understand?

P: I do understand. It's you who doesn't understand and keeps making it all confusing.

Me: So you understand now?

P: Yeah, I understand. Grandma's ears don't work, but her brain is fine. Since your ears work, maybe your brain is not working right.

Me: Yup, you got it.


Gina said...

I am laughing way hard!

Kristi Wilkins said...

That is a classic. You should send that in to reader's digest or something!

Mom of Three said...

okay, I am crying from laughing SO hard! That is great!!

Rebecca said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day.

Martha said...

LOLOL!!!!! So funny! I think sending that to reader's digest is a great idea.

Sister Pottymouth said...

That sounds so much like the conversations I've had (and still have) with Atticus it's scary.

BTW, even though your dad was adopted, I think your eyes totally resemble your grandma's.

Shellie said...

That is too funny! Sounds like something one of my twins would say to me.

annette said...

Your Princess is such a doll!

Teachinfourth said...

Definitive proof that you do have a brain; out of the mouth of babes...

Panama Jones said...

She sure cut to the chase.

It is very interesting how children (and adults) set up limits to what they are able to understand. Some of it is age-related, but some of it is mind-set--a picture of how things should be. When information comes in that doesn't fit the mind-set, it is rejected. I wonder how often we get in our own way of understanding more.