Thursday, March 12, 2009


...and it feels so good!

This one's a long story (longer than a blog post should be) so I'll just sum it up:
  • I gave up playing the guitar and gave it away.
  • I missed it a little. (Maybe a lot.)
  • I got it back today.
  • We're happy to be together again.
The End.

(Don't you love happy endings?)


Mom of Three said...

Are there any other kind of endings?? Glad you were reunited with your friend!!

Rebecca said...

I wish I were that cool, to be able to play the guitar.

Teachinfourth said...

Rock Band gave you the 'bug' didn't it?

Glad you see that you're in possession of such a fine musical instrument

Gerb said...

Mom of 3- Thanks! Me too. It's been a fun week.

Bec- You CAN be that cool. Trust me on this one.

T5th- It did help. But the real thing makes my fingers hurt a lot more... it's worth it, though!