Monday, March 2, 2009

CSI: Buddy Edition


  • I woke up this morning, as usual, and began to fix lunches for the kids to bring to school.
  • I made tortilla roll-ups, which are a welcome change from the usual PB & J.
  • As I began to layer spinach atop the ham I thought of Buddy, our bird, who loves spinach.
  • I looked to his cage. It was open, as usual. But no Buddy.
  • I was nervous that he may have died in the night and was now resting (forever) at the bottom of his cage. I checked. No Buddy.
  • I listened for his happy chirping. Nothing.
  • Buddy rarely leaves his cage. Strange.
  • The older kids helped Allen and I scour the house - under couches, over cupboards... no Buddy.
  • Everyone left for school or work and now I remain in the house with the 4 smallish members of our family.
  • Cowgirl is not yet aware that he is missing. (He is kind of HER bird.)
  • Where, oh where, could our little bird have gone?


  • He is playing hide-and-seek.
  • Alien abduction.
  • Spontaneous combustion.
  • Birdnapped!
  • A planned escape (in the same manner of the fish residing in the tank in Finding Nemo)?

Stay tuned for new developments...

(What do YOU think happened?)


Maleen said...

I hope you find good condition.

And thanks for your last post. We have been having WAY too much fun superheroing ourselves.

Rebecca said...

I like a good mystery, but I don't like sad endings. The most important thing is for you to leave his cage exactly the way it is right now, until he returns. That way, when he comes back, he'll know how much you missed him and never forgot him. Plus, when the pet police do their investigation, you don't want your fresh fingerprints anywhere in that vicinity.

CoolRunnings said...

Is there a cat in the near vicinity? . . . . dun, dun, duuun...

annette said...

Or, could it have been "sneek your bird to school" day? (Afterall, you didn't mention anything to cowgirl.)

I'm waiting with cautious anticipation to find out!

Allen said...

I think he landed on the kitchen floor and was drawn to the warmth of the heater vent under the sink. Upon closer inspection, he found that he could hop up into the overhang of the cabinet and hangout in the cavity between the dishwasher and the compartment under the sink. Once there, he can't get out because he doesn't know how.

Gerb said...

Allen, how in the world did you guess that? Do you have ESP? Can you "see" birds who are in need of assistance? You're AMAZING! Can you tell me what happened to my red stripey sock, too? Because it's been missing for almost 2 weeks now and I think it really wants to be found...

(wink, wink)