Friday, March 6, 2009

Onion, Where Art Thou?

Today my fridge has a distinct onion smell
Yet nary an onion is there.
What could be causing this lingering scent?
Is there a ghost onion somewhere?

I searched and I sniffed and I shifted some bowls
Not a scallion came into sight!
Perhaps I'll bake cookies, put them in the fridge
And hope it smells better tonight.


laura said...

You're a great poet!

I would worry that putting cookies in your fridge would only make the cookies taste oniony. Yuck.

Gerb said...

Laura - I had the same fear, just didn't know how to say it in rhyming form. But, the cookies are made. Nothing left to do now except eat them, I suppose.

pam said...

Yep, eating them is clearly the best plan. Why take the chance of them smelling onion-y tomorrow?

Mom of Three said...

Wow! what a poem, brought tears to my eyes....question is what is the poem or the onion? ha ha I know, bad joke!! Can't win 'em all I guess!!

Teachinfourth said...

It could be Coolister and his B.O. Did he leave any socks or other items in the fridge on accident?

Chelle! said...

I hate that when you can not find the smell that is bothering you. But...worse than that...not finding out where the delicious smell is coming from...hmmm!

Panama Jones said...

Yum, onion cookies! Reminds me a little of the cookies Annette made last week and Jack-Jack tried to improve when she wasn't looking by adding cream of tartar and curry. Double yum.

As for the odor in the fridge, isn't baking soda supposed to help clear that out?