Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Heroes: The Typo Eradication Advancement League

I may have mentioned previously that I have some issues with bad grammar, spelling mistakes and misuse of punctuation.

When I say 'issues' I mean I will print out an email with mistakes and fix the errors with a red pen because it makes me happy inside.

I take pictures of spelling errors that I find in public places in order to torture myself over them in the privacy of my own home. For example:
While waiting at the dentist's office last week I read an article in the May 2008 Reader's Digest about a man after my own heart. His name is Jeff Deck, and his partner in truth, justice and typo eradication is Benjamin Herson. (Go ahead, click on that blue link and read the article. I'll wait here for you.)

I was excited to come home and look up T.E.A.L. on the internet.

I found this mission statement and wanted to join their cause:

...we, sworn members of TEAL, will be taking a road trip around the country to stamp out as many typos as we can find, in public signage and other venues where innocent eyes may be befouled by vile stains on the delicate fabric of our language. We do not blame, nor chastise, the authors of these typos. It is natural for mistakes to occur; everybody will slip now and again. But slowly the once-unassailable foundations of spelling are crumbling, and the time has come for the crisis to be addressed. We believe that only through working together with vigilance and a love of correctness can we achieve the beauty of a typo-free society.

However, as is the case with many superheroes, their valiant plan was thwarted and the blog which chronicled their journey across America was closed. All that remains is A Statement on the Signs of our National Parks and Public Lands.

I felt slighted. I had finally discovered a worthwhile cause that I could really get motivated about only to discover that they had gone underground. Like many superheroes, they had been silenced.

I eagerly await the return of the Typo Eradication Advancement League.

I don't know about you, but I have been inspired. Rather than looking the other way when I notice the typos around me, I am going to make a difference! I will create a typo-correction kit and carry it with me at all times to preserve the language that I hold dear. Those of you who know me well know I will do this.

We CAN have a typo-free society, and I can help make it happen!

I can make a difference!

(cue superhero exit music)


Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

iem sur u hav a harde tim wit ma blogg dontcha?

spell check is one of my favorite computer tools!

simplysarah said...

I think the best English typos are found in Asia. If you decide to take a trip there, I'd like to tag along too...

Sybrina said...

Here, here! Aren't those terrible? I can't stand typos! I am all about typo eradication! Although, I admit I'm not always the best example -especially if you read my hastily typed status updates on facebook.

What's worse, I have also considered starting up an ugly logo eradication quest! I have often thought about going around town some time and leaving notes to people to "encourage them" to get a better logo.

Rebecca said...

I'm confused by that picture. Not by the misspelled (did I spell that correctly?) word, but...where's the door that is to remain unlocked? It looks like a picnic shelter. Is that a joke?

Gina said...

You are so stinkin' funny. My husband (being a professional editor...I never thought of getting him a cape) would love to be a part of this superhero unit.

Duh! Funny.

Mom not Mum said...

I will join your club. I saw a car today and the personalized plates read "spellgud" of course I immediately thought of this blog entry.

I remember when living in Logan one of the stores had a remodel and the sign outside celebrated their regrand opening. Don't get me started on those people who think that the word SALE can be pronounced both sale and sell and that it is actually the correct spelling of sell.

Becky said...

At the gas station where I get gas twice a week they have a typed sign on EVERY pump area that says....."Pre-pay only, see cashier....sorry for the inconience"......IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. I want to go pull all of them off and ask them to "try again"

Shellie said...

My hero! And that picture? Argggh!

California 29er said...

I assume you've read Lynne Truss's book, then?

Mom of Three said...

You go girl!!

Anaise said...

Hey, I was alerted to your blog via my sister-in-law. What a lovely family you have . . . and you're one heckuva funny writer!

(Our corner grocery store has a sign over the door: Smile! Your'e on camera! So close, and yet . . .)

Gerb said...

JJ- Your blog is awesome. So is spell check. ;)

Sarah- I have found some awesome websites with pictures of English errors in Asian countries. When are we going? I'll get my kit ready...

Sybrina- I hate the billboard with "Your Logo Stinks!" Theirs does, too.

Bec- It's actually a rustic enclosure (with doors and everything) in Jackson Hole, WY where they do a wild-west cowboy music kind of show. Great show but bad sign.

Gina- Your husband has my dream job. Does he love it? I will gladly craft him a cape if he would wear it to work. What do you think?

MOM- Get your kit together, I'll start getting your cape ready...

Becky- Where is it? I'll make new signs, laminate them and go approach them about changing them out. I'm all about public service!
(cue superhero music)

Shellie- I'll have to post some of the doozies I've found. Like billboard errors. Atrocious ones.

CA 29er- I love that book. I should start giving it out for birthdays and weddings. By the way, nice to see you outside the world of Facebook!

Mom of 3- I'm going!

Anaise- Welcome! And thanks. I hope you keep coming back. :)

Hi! said...

Either my computer is being messed up or I am. I cannot get to your medical mystery post.

Gerb said...

Hi!- That was a post that I deleted shortly after posting. So it wasn't you, it was ME!

Sybrina said...

Can I just say, I love how you respond to EVERYONE!