Saturday, February 28, 2009

All-a-Boy Inspires Me

He did it. All-a-Boy's getting karate lessons. I'm wondering if the same thing would work for me...

Dear Family,

I would like an iPod for the following reasons.

First, when I have to go places by myself, like the grocery store, I can listen to the iPod and I won't have to listen to the noise around me (like giggly girls and really interesting conversations that I am tempted to listen in on). Plus it would be like having Josh Groban or Bono or whoever singing to me while I shop and that would be awesome. Also, when I need a vacation I can just go in the pantry with my iPod and eat Girl Scout cookies by myself and not have to hear everyone asking, "Where's mom?"

Second, music makes me more happy and motivated. When I am feeling sad because we are out of chocolate cake or ice cream or cheese, I can listen to a cheerful song and it will make me happy. Also, exercise is very important and I will be more motivated to exercise if I have an iPod to listen to while I do it. So iPods are good.

To top it all off, I deserve it. For instance, I do lots of things like make food and change diapers. I also wash, dry, fold and put away the laundry. I could do these things while spontaneously singing and dancing if I had an iPod.

In conclusion, an iPod would block out noise, make me happy, and I deserve it.

Please consider these reasons and respond as soon as possible. Please tell me the reasons why.

Sincerely, Gerb (a.k.a. Mom)


CoolRunnings said...

I have an mp3 player and I love it. More arguments: I put the Ensign, the RS Lessons, conference and audio books on it and I have a dock with speakers so I can play these things while I work or in the car. I love it! FYI: I couldn't afford an IPOD. I have a Sansa . . . in fact I have 2!

Rebecca said...

I agree, you don't have to get an iPod. When the batteries fail (which they have on both iPods we've ever purchased) the cost and process of replacing the battery is prohibitive. Just get yourself a cheap mp3 player. Reasons why: You deserve it, you'll totally get your money's worth of use out of it, and you can consider it b-day present just one month early.

simplysarah said...


I agree with Becca though, I've been very happy with generic mp3 players for the past 5 years. My current samsung was probably $50 or less, and it plugs right into a USB port on my laptop, and even gives me the option of listening to the radio when I miss commercials in between my songs.

Teachinfourth said...

If you were my kid, I'd let you get one...heaven knows that I TOTALLY understand what it's like going for a few weeks without one.

I hope your family agrees with you...if not, just sing longer and louder to the radio. Maybe make up an iPod song? I bet you could come up with one to a catchily annoying tune!

Eventually...they'll buckle.

Gina said...

The only thing left to do is choose your color.

annette said...

Go for it! Circut City has some great deals.

Mom not Mum said...

I love my iPod - it's in the car a LOT especially when we take long trips and we run out of radio stations. I also have put all the cd's that I love on my ipod so I don't have to have all of them in my car. I organize it in all fun kinds of ways -in fact I have one section just for my daughter full of Hannah Montana and all that stuff. It's great for going on walks and all of the things you want it for. I am on my 2nd Ipod but that is because I asked my husband to fix it instead of realizing there was a reset setting which I found on the internet and he took my old one apart. I needed more room anyways so it worked out I guess. My first one was gree and my current one is purple.

Chelle! said...

That letter was quite impressive. I am sure you will be getting one soon!!!

Gerb said...

Aunt E- mp3, eh? I'm open to options...

Bec- I like your reasoning. Do the batteries really fail that regularly on actual (name brand) iPods?

Sarah- I am learning all kinds of new things. You can get the radio on an mp3 as well? Awesome.

Tchn5th- I'm glad you and your music are reunited. And if "I'd let you get one" means you'd buy me one, I am currently up for adoption! (Although that might be a little weird to call you 'Dad')

Gina- Chrome.

Annette- Thanks for the tip!

MOM (not Mum)- The idea of having all my music in one place and no need for CDs is definitely appealing. And the fact that I can take it with me everywhere!

Chelle- I think you are right, on both counts.