Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yo Ho Yo Ho

Thumbelina recently told me of her desire to design and custom-create her own dress. I saw this as an opportunity to dust off my sewing machine and agreed to help her in this pursuit.

She has a notebook that she likes to sketch in and it was filled with all sorts of different dress designs. She chose her favorite and we searched until finding a pattern to match it as well as a fabric that she felt good about.

We began to cut out the pattern pieces we would need and Hubba watched, interested in the whole production. As we laid the pattern out to determine placement on the fabric, Hubba asked what we were doing.

"Thumbelina's making a dress," I told him.

"Oh," he casually replied. "But when is she making the pirate hat?"

I looked quizzically at Thumbelina. She shrugged.

"She's not making a pirate hat. She's making a dress," I repeated.

"Oh," he answered again.

We pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric, ensuring that they all lay in the same direction. Hubba continued to watch with interest. When Thumbelina began to cut the fabric he asked again, "When are you gonna make that pirate hat?"

"What pirate hat, Hubba?" I asked.

"This one," he showed me, pointing.

Well, shiver me timbers. I have never noticed that a short-sleeve pattern piece looked like a pirate hat.

Good call, Matey.


Richard & Natalie said...

LOL. That's cute. You have to love the innocent eyes of kids.

Holmes said...

Too funny. Cute material. I hope you post a picture of the finished product!

Amber said...

That is really cute fabric. I'm excited to see this dress. That is a pretty nifty pirate hat pattern as well.

Anonymous said...

How observant! You'll have to save that and make him a pirate hat.

cari said...

What a cutie! Thumbelina has good taste! Cute fabric!

Teachinfourth said... no hat?

Anaise said...

I've made a bajillion dresses with short sleeves, and I've never noticed it either . . . but then, I'm not a little boy.

I'd like very much to see the finished dress; and I hope you make a pirate hat, too.

Kimm said...

You're kids are SO cute!

Chelle! said...

Oh, you need to post the finished project!!! Way to go Thumbelina!! I do have to does look like a Pirate hat!