Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Photos - Part 1

We got our new family pictures done recently and we love how they turned out!

The whole crew




The "big girls"


The "Little Girls"
Little O
In true form...

Want to see more? Go check out the rest (and some of my favorites!)
at our awesome photographer's blog.

I am thankful to have a friend with an amazing talent for photography!
All photos are by Jason of Backroads Photography.


rorymckm said...

wow, those are amazing! i have a hard enough time getting ONE pic of my ONE kid!

Sister Pottymouth said...

LOVE them! You have such a beautiful family.

Kimm said...

Great pictures!!

Richard & Natalie said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. They really turned out fantastic.

~j. said...


Although, these are not the family photos I was shown last night.

I eagerly await Part 2.

Linn said...

So beautiful! I came from a family of nine kids, so I love your pictures in general, but it is fun to see that many kids together and remember I was raised in a group that big. Love it!

Jon and Maryanne said...

So Cute!!!!! :) You're girls are so beautiful!!! ....and of course the boys are handsome! :)

Corine said...

Nice! - you have such a beautiful family!

Anaise said...

Really, really beautiful!

Trish said...

Georgeous! I love how you catagorize your kids too. :)

Gerb said...

Thanks everyone!

~j- Sunday or Monday I will deliver. Part 2 is going to be awesome.

Rachel said...

You have such a beautiful family!!!

Chelle! said...

You have such a darling family!!