Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Hard To Say No

Coolister was asked to the Christmas Dance at the high school. (Which, incidentally, has the theme of 'Wear An Ugly Sweater' - awesome!) Unfortunately he was asked twice, which meant he would have to say no to one of the girls who had worked up the courage to do the asking. This was difficult.

He had told us stories at Homecoming of the way some others had given a 'No' response which appalled me. The worst was a girl who gave a guy a bucket filled with dirt along with a shovel and the note: I DON'T Dig You. In my opinion? Rude.

Coolister wanted to convey that he felt flattered to have been asked and was sorry that he couldn't go. He decided to go with a candy bar poster. With some help, he came up with the following note:

You were a SWEETTART to ask me to the dance.
We would have had a JOLLY TIME!
I feel like a NERD but the only RIESEN I can't go
with you is that I was already asked.
Thanks for inviting me! -Coolister

It still didn't quite seem like enough to make up for her efforts in asking him, so he added a flower and (with some bribery) his handsome younger brother as the deliveryman.

Here's how it turned out:

I thought it was much more 'tasteful' (haha!) than the dirt and shovel approach. You dig?


Rebecca said...

Very gentlemanly. And tempting. I might ask him, too, now. (Just kidding.)

sue-donym said...

You are raising some awesome kids.

Richard & Natalie said...

Much better than a bucket of dirt. Plus, with All-a-Boy delivering it with that smile- classy, very classy!

Mom not Mum said...

Very cute! The dirt one is not very nice. I do have to say the worst dance invite I've seen was at Ricks. One of our friends asked a girl by putting a dirty pair of his jeans on her bed with a sign that said "I would crap my pants if you would go to homecoming with me". The girl he asked said no.

Cami said...

Much, much, much nicer than the bucket of dirt! Coolister is one awesome kiddo.

Angela said...

Oh what a neat kid. That is way cute

Sarah said...

Nobody in MY high school ever asked OR refused anything in an fun way. It was more like,
"Hey, whateryuhdoin Friday?"
"Um, nothin'"
"I'm not doin nothin either, wanna go to the dance with me, I got nothin bettertuhdo."

Your's was WAY, WAY cuter!

Brandon said...

You better keep your eyes on all those girls! Nothin' but trouble. I agree with everyone else. Coolisters approach was much more impressive.

Brandon said...

Oops! I'm logged in on Bradons account!

Anaise said...

Thank you and your children for being decent and kind and gracious--we sure need that these days.

Gina said...

Awwww...asking to dances from both sides...not my favorite. Good boy!

annette said...

My eyes teared up as I read this. Wow- I'm impressed with his kindness, but then I'm always impressed by Coolster!

Corine said...

Wow! That is awesome! What a super great person your son is! He is going to make a great husband. :)