Monday, November 2, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Today I am thankful for kids who love autumn as much as I do.

In Utah autumn is just a blink between summer and winter so we try to enjoy it fully while it's here. We play in the leaves, bake up pumpkin-infused treats and eat them until we almost turn orange, and marvel over the brilliance of the changing colors on the mountains that surround us.

The photo above is by Thumbelina, taken a couple of weeks ago just down the road from where we live. It is our favorite local tree, towering over a vacant field. In the autumn it transforms from green to the brightest of yellows and then slowly creates a blanket of leaves at its base until the winter winds have blown every last one away. The day Thumbelina took this picture she was admiring the sunset and suggested we see how it looked behind this tree. The word breathtaking comes to mind.

And then this morning I found a little orange booklet on the table, a Halloween book which All-a-Boy has been working on in his class at school, containing the following poem which he authored:

Leaves jump from the trees,
Diving into a suicidal fall,
Autumn has arrived.
Autumn brought its cold winds,
Autumn has brought its gray skies.
I hear the wind knocking at my door,
Like an anonymous guest,
Waiting to be let in.
Clouds hang overhead,
Threatening me with their ice and snow.
I smile.
Autumn is amazing.

Amazing, indeed.


cari said...

Autumn is amazing and so are you and your children! Thumbelina should enter that beautiful photo in the Reflections contest.

Rebecca said...

Poetry runs in the Royce blood, I guess.

Kara said...

I love the idea of posting something you are thankful for each day. I don't think I'll try it this year. (I don't feel that good in my blogging skills to do it quickly.) I know reading yours each day will help me remember what I'm thankful for though and isn't that the main goal anyway. Here's to a great month.

Shellie said...

I just wish it were followed by spring!

Richard & Natalie said...

Impressive on all counts. They would be great Reflections enteries indeed. They already have my vote.

Teachinfourth said...

If AAB has not read it for you, I HIGHLY recommend it. When he read it aloud, his expression made it even more impressive.

Two days down; only 29 more to go!

Corine said...

Gorgeous sunset! And that poem... what talent for a young kid - very impressive and cool!

Anaise said...

The picture is just . . . Wow!

The poem is a joy.

Happy Autumn to you all.

Gerb said...

Cari- She actually did enter it into Reflections. We'll see how it does.

Bec- Yeah, you should see some of the ones my mom wrote...

Kara- I love the IDEA, too - but already I'm struggling. Not that I don't have a bazillion things I'm thankful for, it's just coming up with a good way to present them, you know?

Shellie- AMEN!

Natalie- Kobe actually wrote another poem for Reflections. He is quite the little poet!

T5- I'll have to ask him to read it for me. His expression when reading is always quite impressive - but I try not to tell him that too often. No need to swell his head too much...

Corine- Thanks! I couldn't believe how perfect the timing was for the picture. And All-a-Boy is quite an impressive kid, if I do say so myself.

Anaise- Thank you! And Happy Autumn to you and yours as well.