Thursday, March 6, 2008

Theme Week: Thursday's Thought

I have been thinking about this one for a long time, and it's still not going to come out right. I may write about my thoughts on the topic in segments as I am able to really gather and organize them in a coherent way. Anyway, here goes: Why do we have such a large family? I am asked that question in various forms more often than expected. And I guess the simple answer is this: Why not?

I have always loved kids, for as long as I can remember. In high school I told everyone I wanted to have 32 kids - the plan was to adopt 25 and have 7 on my own. I even kept a notebook full of names that I heard and liked. Sure, it was sort of a joke - mostly my way of saying that I wanted a large family someday. When I met Allen and found that he came from a family of 15 kids, I was amazed and impressed. After we were married and expecting our oldest boy, we were thrilled to discover that Allen's mom was expecting as well! Sometime after she had her last one, I remember thinking: Sixteen kids! When they are all married, she'll be living my dream - there will be 32 of us!

I love my family. I have an incredible husband who is loving, supportive and helpful around the house. My kids are wonderful - of course not perfect all the time - but such a blessing in my life!

OK, before I get on a "Big Family Soapbox", let me finish up this thought with my favorite responses to some of my frequently asked questions.

Are they all yours?

  • No, this is not all of them; my oldest is at home with the other 5.

Are you going to have more?

  • Check back in nine months and you'll see for yourself!

Don't you know what causes that?

  • Water or sex, but I don't want to give up either one.

Are you going to get fixed?

  • Well, as you can see by the size of our family, everything is working just fine.

Are you planning to have any more?

  • I just figured out what I'm really, really good at, so why stop doing it?

Haven't you heard of birth control?

  • Yes, that's great stuff for people with ugly kids.

Do you ever have any time for yourselves?

  • Obviously we get a little time to ourselves, or we wouldn't have eight kids.
(And last of all, my favorite question which I get asked every time I am pregnant...)

Haven't you had that baby yet?!

  • Yes. This is the NEXT ONE!


Anonymous said...

I remember the notebook. Wasn't there a Brock Lee and a Collie Flower listed? :)
Your family is beyond beautiful and I for one am greatful you are having more. Your kids are being raised to be intelligent, productive members of society. Wish we had more of those around!

Cami said...

I love the answers you give. My two favorites by far are the answer on birth control, and the answer on getting time for yourselves.

You are awesome! And you have an awesome family!

Gerb said...

Yep, Brock Lee and Cali Flower. I guess you can see why NONE of the names I chose have been used. I believe Mahonri Moriancumur was in there, too.

Thanks for the compliment. I can say the same for your kids!

Thanks. It helps to live in such a great neighborhood with awesome neighbors!

H.L. said...

I have seen your comments on CJane. I got curious clicked and here I am.

You look so familiar. I don't know if it is because I have seen you or if you look like someone I have seen on tv.

Are you up north or down south?

Julia said...

What is it with people that they would even ask those questions? Why is it any of their business?

Gerb said...

You can email me and we can figure out if we know each other: gerbdonna at gmail. com
But I like the idea that I remind you of someone on t.v...

I know, I have a really hard time not asking why they care.

Michelle said...

You are making me laugh!!! Those questions are too hilarious and your answers--oh, GERB. My dream was to have 10 children--may I borrow yours instead (oh, you will need to have 1 more--but can I borrow the 9?

Teachinfourth said...

I love the daily positing now. How long do you think you'll keep it up? Also, my favorite response was: "Yes, that's great stuff for people with ugly kids."

I burst out laughing when I read it last night. I'm still smiling about it this morning.

Gerb said...

We share the same dream, apparently. I still think you are going to have 10 kids of your own, but you are welcome to come enjoy ours anytime!

I'm only promising this week, but it has been fun to come up with things to write about.

Shellie said...

Love your answers! I think your family is great. Not everyone can do big families that well. If you can, more power to ya.

mommeeof9 said...

If any of my co workers ask if we are done yet one more time, I'll scream...

Especially the ones who look at my baby gut and ask if I am pregnant (not yet), when they outweigh me by 50 pounds and they aren't.

Panama Jones said...

Working out of Atlanta these days people are always impressed when I tell them I have 6 kids. I haven't had many snide comments yet but I know they're coming. Thanks for arming me with equally snide replies.

Dia said...

Fabulous. HAVEN'T YOU HAD THAT BABY YET??? MY word. I think this should be fair game for throwing punches. I.E. Cops arrive.. "She hit me, officer" "Mam, why did you hit her?" Embraces 3 week overdue belly.. "Sir, she asked me if I'd had that darn baby yet." Cop to the other woman: "Sorry, Mam. Its a clear violation of section 23."