Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Own Easter Miracles!

First and foremost, two small miracles happened this week with our little Towhead.
  1. He is fully potty-trained!
  2. He attended his church Primary class on Sunday without a family member in tow!
These may sound like no big deal, but they are monumental around here. Just those two things would have been enough to make my weekend wonderful, but...wait! There's more.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon with Allen's side of the family, enjoying what is becoming an annual tradition: a picnic lunch and Easter egg hunt at a local park. There was a good crowd in attendance and plastic, candy-filled eggs a-plenty. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera for this. But don't despair! I remembered my camera for the dinner on Easter Sunday with my side of the family, at Chip and Becky's. One of my favorite things about family get-togethers is this:Cousin time! I only really knew one of my cousins growing up - that includes both sides of the family - so I love when my kids get to spend quality time with their cousins. Another thing I love is that I don't have to make the dinner - that is my brother Chip's department. (He is really good at cutting things.)
I usually get to bring some small addition to the dinner, like my almost-famous homemade rolls. This time I brought my sugar cookies for dessert, which, at the risk of sounding vain, I think rival the local bakeries'.
You can ignore the jellybeans and robin's eggs (fancy name for colored Whoppers). I used them for decoration to get them out of my house. Hey, kids like 'em! (as do adults with no taste for finer Easter treats like mini Snickers and Dove chocolate eggs.) One of my absolute favorite things about getting together with family is that Allen helps with clean up while I sit and chat. When we were married we became one, so it's kind of like I'm doing dishes, too.


Rebecca said...

I would say that another miracle was capturing that picture of H.--so adorable! When he marries my daughter, the eye-crosser, they're sure to have kids with exceptional eye talents.

And by the way, I love jelly beans at Easter. (Not whoppers, though--sick!) You can get mini-snickers year round, but only at Easter time can you find such a delicious assortment of jelly beans. One of my favorites: Starburst jelly beans all red and pink package.

Rebecca J said...

Why does that picture of Chip scare me? I'm not sure if it's the knife or the look on his face!

Shellie said...

How miraculous! And the cookies look seriously good and I usually skip anything that doesn't have chocolate.

Trish said...

Love the idea that b/c you are one its like your'e doing the dishes too!! I could apply that to sooo many situations...LOVE IT!! :)

Gina said...

Yeah for you and all your fun and miracles. HI CHIP! I haven't seen him forever. Tell him I said hi. I loved your last line. I am going to have to save that up and use it at just the right time. Thanks!

The Black's said...

We are still hoping for those mircles to come true with Johnny. Johnny will go to Primary but only if Paige sits with him and the Sunbeams. As for the potty training, we might have the first six year old that isnt potty trained. Maybe there is a world record out there that we can beat!

SuperSarahAnn said...

YEAH FOR YOU!!!! I would like to say that Noah goes to primary without a family member in tow, but I'm the second counselor, so it doesn't really count. He WILL go to his classroom with his teacher though. That's a big deal.

And wooooohoooo on the potty training! That is a great time in a Momma's (or Daddy's) life! :)

DaNae said...

Hey Gerb! I found you through Cami's link on her blog. (Yeah, I blog stalk. So what?) I just had to tell you what a SWEETHEART H was in Primary. All he could talk about was the apple tree (which for some odd reason, is what made him warm up to us... yeah, a picture of an apple tree). He also kept asking me very nicely "you color me?" during color time. I don't know what was better... having H come to Sunbeams all by himself... or seeing Allen with the biggest grin I've ever seen snapping pictures with his cell phone.

My blog is if you want to stalk me too!

Anonymous said...

It's not just having cutlery skills that sets me apart from the rest. That look of insanity comes from my Uta Hagen "method acting" training. Growing up with Gerb gives you plenty of material to draw from.
-Gerb's bro (aka Chip)