Friday, March 14, 2008

Ode to Brownies

I have been a bit obsessed with food lately. No, not food - treats. Snacks. Munchies. Sweets. Usually this is fine, as I am well-hated for being able to eat whatever I want and keeping my girlish figure, but during pregnancy? Hoo-boy. Watch out!

One of my latest obsessions has been brownies. I don't make them often, as I have been known at times to eat an entire pan on my own before anyone knows they were even created. (p.s. That is not a good thing.) And my favorite part of the brownie? The corner piece.

Yes, everyone thinks I'm kidding when I say that. Most people want the chewy, soft center cuts. Not me. I love the contrast of the chewy center to the crusty outside when I take a bite of these delicacies. Why a delicacy? Sadly, there are only four to a pan.

Until today!!

I am not alone. There are other corner lovers out there, or else this beauty of a creation would not be available. May I introduce:

Genius! Pure genius! Crusty corners for everyone! No brownie left behind!

I don't know who wrote this poem, but it sums up my recent sentiment towards brownies:


O brownie small, your life was brief.
You lasted but a day.
When I heard you call my name,
I knew I shouldn’t stay.
O brownie bite, you need to know
I did all that I could.
I picked you up, I ate you down.
You tasted mighty good!
O brownie, you are part of me.
I’ll always have you near!
Though small, you seemed to put at least
A pound upon my rear.
O brownie piece, your life was short;
It lasted but a day.
And now I see your brother here.
He’ll end up the same way.


Rebecca said...

I love that poem! That's truly an obsession, when you're not just making and eating a food, but researching related bakeware and poetry!
I haven't had a brownie in who knows how long, and yet, you'd think that I'd eaten several brownie siblings by the current size of my rear. A friend told me that, from behind, she can't tell that I'm pregnant, and instead of accepting the compliment as it was meant, I was mildly offended. Does she think my backside is this big normally? I informed her that it is indeed very pregnant!
(T.M.I.? Oops!)

Rebecca said...

P.S. Thanks a lot--for the past hour, I haven't been able to stop thinking about brownies!

Michelle said...

I am here late at work!! Laughing so hard at that poem. It is great!!! As for me, I am the center gooey part. How about we split some brownies--you take all the edges, I will take the ooey gooey center part!!!

Trish said...

I am a gooey in the middle kind of gal myself. That pan is too much!! :)

Cami said...

I'm an edge girl too! I NEED this pan!

The poem is great.

Gina said...

That pan in the best! I am a corner person myself. Okay. I am a brownie person period, but I love the corners equally. And...I now want brownies. Thanks a lot.

Cherie said...

In our household we've always called the personal preferences "Innies or Outies" -- Unfortunately for Koki & I (Outie/corner lovers) as the kids get older they also seem to gravitate to our same preference... except for Sean - he's still a bring on the goo-ey all the way!
LOVE the pan - who-da thunk?? ...obviously a true "Outie" lover!! (only outie Ashton likes are the kind that 2 of his uncles have... you guessed it - the TT's. Ha! - Cherie made a funny - first one to get the joke gets the corner brownie).

Maleen said...

Oh, I am totally an edge girl. I need a pan like that, but I think my husband would be sad since I always leave the middles for him.
By the way, if I have never commented before, I am a friend of Michelle's and I really enjoy your blog.

Shellie said...

That is seriously cool I need to put that poem to music.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Becky bought the pan, it works, it's great! Excellent research! How did you find it?

-Gerb's bro