Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

I have been suffering lately from a self-induced lack of sleep. I stay up much too late, reading books or blogs or watching movies or what-have-you. Then I try to fall asleep, fighting the pregnancy-induced RLS urge to kick and wiggle my legs as I wait for my calcium supplement to take effect. Baby 9 decides this is the ideal time to do a little breakdancing and gymnastics before settling nicely onto my bladder so that I once again have to get out of bed and visit the get the picture. Before I know it, 6:30 am rolls around and I am gently shaken awake by my oldest boy to start a new day.

But not yesterday morning. Yesterday morning was glorious.

I woke up well after the sun had come up and tried to orient my brain to what day it was. Saturday? No... then I realized the vacuum was going. Allen was still home, and he let me sleep in! What a rare, welcomed treat. He had set his alarm to get up before the kids, make their lunches & breakfast and get them to school. After returning home he did the dishes, vacuumed, and straightened the house up. All while I was still enjoying a sweet slumber.

I love that man.


H.L. said...

How wonderful of him. Yay for you.

Michelle said...

Oh, how fantastic!!! There are not a lot of those out there. I am so glad that you found yours--keep him. Sorry, to hear about your lack of sleep--it is not fun!!

ablackman said...

Maybe walking around on stilts like the blind, pregnant woman in the graphic would cure your RLS.

I love you too.

Rebecca said...

Why is it that sleep comes so much more easily in the morning for me, too? I'm never a morning person, but especially not when I'm pregnant. I'm glad that you were able to sleep through it all and enjoy that sweet gift from your hard-working husband. :)

Cami said...

How wonderful that would be! What a wonderful hubby you have.

Shellie said...

OOOO! He deserves a medal for that.