Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feelin' Crafty

My creative juices have been flowing lately. For some people pregnancy brings about a "nesting instinct", making them want to clean like crazy. As much as my husband would welcome that instinct in me, I have been feeling the need to create things.

I am in a card club where I make 2 sets of 10 cards every other month and then meet with a fun group of ladies to swap cards, enjoy treats and visit. Most of these ladies are very talented and I feel like I am submitting sub-par cards for the swap. However, this month I am excited about my creations. In fact, I can't decide between the 3 cards pictured above.

I have also had the desire to break out my sewing machine. I was wanting a headband or two, so I browsed the internet and found 2 styles that I really like, combined them and designed a pattern, then created some really cute headbands that my older girls have been using as birthday gifts for their friends.

Another creative outlet: I used to love writing songs and poetry until someone(s) made fun of a song I wrote about a decade and a half ago. Well, I even decided to venture out there again - I wrote a couple of poems that I think are pretty good. No more songs, though - I gave my guitar to my brother whose abilities were greater than mine. Maybe I could write a song for the accordion, which I do still play on occasion.


(Don't hold your breath.)


annette said...

I'd love to read some of your poetry! I too use to write poetry once upon a time.

On the name thing, when we were coming up for names for our 5th child, our 3rd child suggested the name of "Quiet". She thought it would be funny to hear me call out "Quiet!" everytime I needed him.

If we would have had twins, I could have followed my 3rd child's advice and also named the other one "Peace". That way our home could have literally had a "little peace and quiet"! (ha ha) (I think I'll stick to poetry!)

Michelle said...

OH MY!!! Gerb, these are absolutely adorable. YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!!! See, I knew you had lots and lots of creative juices in you!!! There is NO reason you should feel sub--whatever you are absolutely adorable!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey, I recognize one of those cards, and the headbands are very cute, too! Thanks, Gerb! I always love an unexpected package in my mailbox!

Rebecca said...

P.S. I don't know who made fun of your songs more than a decade ago, but I do remember being very annoyed that the ward talent judges gave you the gong when you tried to share your acronym song...Fools!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure those someone(s) of fifteen years ago are just poor judges of lyrical genius. You should post that song here on your blog so it can be appreciated by others.

Shellie said...

Those look great! I haven't done anything like that in a long time.