Sunday, March 9, 2008

Theme Week: Squirmy Sunday

Just a quick thought (based on personal experience at a meeting today) :

Have you ever noticed that when men are having a "discussion" they can yell and be frustrated and angry and voice their opinions, then slap each other on the back afterwards and all is well?

If women were to have the same discussion, they would hold it against each other for the rest of their lives, or wonder why so-and-so had to be so mad and hostile.

I don't like being present for such conversations.

They make me feel squirmy.


Teachinfourth said...

That's the reason I prefer boys in the classroom after Christmas. Unfortunately, after Christmas many of the girls officially become "sixth" graders and there are usually problems, however, (thankfully) not with all of them.

Hmmm...Mrs. So-and-So again, eh? That lady sure does get around, doesn't she? Watch out or she'll be asking you for hair tips next and then be ticked off when you don't share your "Amy Grant" secrets with her!

Rebecca said...

Do you think those two characters are arguing about who has the hairiest backside? Ew!

ablackman said...

Gerb is referring to last night's scout committee meeting's discussion on budget matters. Rebecca, can you imagine those Key Scouters meetings we used to have at your house turning into heated arguments? I confess though, that I was one of the perpetrators. I seem to be getting ornerier. Maybe "GuitarHero" would help me thwart the mid-life crisis that is setting in. What do you think Gerb?

Michelle said...

I would just chalk it up to our emotional side of life. We do not like our feelings hurt-so we have to act upon them. We take life sometimes too serious. Sometimes, I wonder how it would be to be a guy who can shake it off and move on?

Rebecca said...

Hey Blackman,

I definitely think that a little Guitar Hero could be a great stress buster for you. Maybe a little trip to the Northwest is in order. Wait, Gerb, am I giving away your idea before it gets published? I don't want to steal your thunder!