Saturday, March 8, 2008

Theme Week: A Sequence for Saturday

I said I'd post every day this week...did you doubt me? I know, it's late, but it's still Saturday! Here's a fun sequence of pictures for today's post:

Watch our family grow!

(1992, Wedding Announcement photo)

(1993, Still Lovin' Denim! And check out the rise on those bangs. Awesome. One kiddo, 7 to go.)

(1995, Two cute kids, two happy parents)

(1997, Wanted to be sure the new little cutie was in a denim photo.)

(2000, The gender score is 2 to 2.)

(2001, Another little girl - we venture to the outdoors. Let's play "I Spy"...can you find the dinosaur?)

(2003, Boys: 2, Girls: 4)

(2004, A brand new boy to help even things up some.)

(2006, Our family as it is now)
Our most current picture is seen on the sidebar as well as a couple of posts ago.

Stay tuned (around September or October) for Our Family: 2008!


Michelle said...

That is fabulous!!! ALL OF YOUR PICTURES ARE ADORABLE. How fun and what cherished moments.

I did spy the dinosaur.

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, you had some AMAZING Amy Grant hair there for awhile:

You've come a long way.

Rebecca said...

That was really bizarre to realize that I knew you back in your denim days, when you only had 33% of the posterity you currently have. I can't even imagine a Gerberta with only 3 kids. And yet, I'm so impressed with your family clothing coordination, no matter the number of people in each picture.

Rebecca said...

P.S. I checked your blog 2 or 3 times yesterday, and I thought with disappointment, "maybe she meant every day this week--not including the weekend." Thanks for keeping it going!

cat said...

Good lord, woman! Get down with your bad procreating self!

Seriously. You have the CUTEST family. I am super glad you commented over at the Lambson Bleat because now I've found you, and I am enjoying your blog!

Gerb said...

We are pretty cute, aren't we? And good job on the dinosaur.

I was pretty proud of that hair. I even wrote a parody-song about my amazing bangs; maybe I will share it sometime. (but don't hold your breath)

I am a little psycho about the clothing coordination. Our last picture was at the last minute and I was frantic, checking the wardrobes for something that blended well.
P.S. I check your blog 2-3 times daily, too. Feed me!!

We seriously need another Burton twins reunion. That Lambson family is just awesome! Thanks for reading here, I'm still lurkin' over at the Bleat.

Shellie said...

That was so neat, I can't wait for the update this fall.