Sunday, November 27, 2011


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I was not sure what to write about today so I just started transcribing a conversation between two of my kids. Any guesses as to which two kids are having this conversation? First one to guess correctly wins.

I'm going to mix up the whole thing.
That's impossible. Like Rubik's Cubes, if you twist one of the corners it is impossible to do.
You would know that.
I do know that. Because I've done it before. And it screws people up and it's hilarious. Okay, now do it.
I AM doing it.
No you're not. Why is the 1 down there?
Holy cow! I am doing it.
The 1 goes on top.
Now the 3 and the 4.
Goodness! I'm going to do it backwards in a different way.
That doesn't make sense.
Stop talking.
Put the 4 on the top!
No. Oh, my gosh!
Here, Nub (headless Barbie) will help you. Nuuuub. Nuuuub. Nub, nub. Whoa! Look at this. Nub is backwards. Nuuuuub! Dude, her waist turns way too easily.
Nuuuub. Look. It's a nub-stand. Nub-stand! You can't even get the 4 up.
It's all in order. That's what you said.
Put the 12 up there.
It's in ORDER!
15 up. 12 over. 9 down. 11 over. 14 up. 9 over. I'm legitimately trying to get this right. 13, 12, okay, keep going...
Never mind. It will never work. It's like the Rubik's Cube. Mom, you should buy me a Rubik's Cube. 4 by 4. 5 by 5. (whispered)! It's only $25.32. Mom, do you love me $30?
Look, Nub can do the splits.
Are you writing what I'm saying? STOP WRITING WHAT I'M SAYING!


Rachel said...

My guess is the conversation was between Gerb and Allen Sr.

So the question is, do you love your husband $30 dollars enough?


Angela said...

All-A-Boy and Cowgirl

Rebecca said...

I would give you my guess, but I can only remember your kids real names, not their blog names. Guess I don't win.

You know how I hate losing...

Richard & Natalie said...

Okay, I'm guessing All-a-Boy & ElemenoB.
I love that other people have beheaded Barbies and that they weren't just a product of my growing up with 3 brothers.

Gerb said...

No winner yet. Any more guesses?

cari said...

I'll take a wild guess...All-a-boy and Thumblina?

Anonymous said...

It has to be with who else? Hubba? He seems too young but with your kids I wouldn't be surprised!

Larry said...

Okay after a lengthy discussion between Larry and I we have decided that it is probably Coolister and All-A-Boy. Nancy

ablackman said...

Coolister and Elemenob (I wasn't there so my guess really is just that)

Gerb said...

Allen (ablackman) is the winner! And because YOU are the winner, your prize is pretty much whatever you want it to be. ;)